Diversity at JBU

Diversity Statement


John Brown University’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is based on the person and work of Jesus Christ which fulfills the covenant that God made with Abraham that through faith “all the families of the world will be blessed” (Gen. 12:3). Racial heritage, socio-economic status and gender should not divide those whose identity is grounded in Christ Jesus (Gal. 3:28).

The history of John Brown University reflects an intentional effort to include marginalized people. From its founding as an institution, women have been a part of the University faculty, staff and student body as equal partners with men in faith and work to provide higher education for the rural poor and other under-represented communities. Since the 1960’s, the inclusion of international students and faculty, as well as ethnically diverse staff, students and faculty has intentionally and steadily enhanced the mission of the University.


The Scripture of the Old and New Testament clearly affirms that all human beings are imprinted with the image of God (Gen. 1:26—28); we are therefore called to honor, cherish and respect one another. To acknowledge the sinfulness of humankind is to accept the historical reality that has often been manifested in “us-them” dynamics. This acknowledgment sharpens our commitment to the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, and informs the JBU community as it shapes university policies and practices. It is our hope that our community in its diversity will continue to mature (Philippians 1:6) and better reflect the reality of God’s good design and intention for humanity.