About LSI

Mission, Vision, Values of the LSI Program


Our mission

Equipping leaders. Empowering Passions. Eternal Significance.

What we do

LSI equips and enables students to be leaders — people who live with intentionality and purpose, both at JBU, and in the years that follow. Our goal is to impact the Kingdom by helping students understand their God-given strengths and passions and apply practical leadership skills to make a difference in their world.

Who we are

LSI is four-year program — the combined curricular and co-curricular program is specifically designed to be developmental, innovative, challenging and rewarding. We are a community of leader scholars committed to learning together and to creating positive change.

Year One

DISCOVER // year one
Explore and present new concepts of leadership on your own.
Identify your strengths, personality and style as applied to leadership.
Build community and relationships.
Signature events:

  • The Ascent introduction to program, team challenges
  • LSI First Year Retreat independent projects, class bonding & unity
  • Creating change Project:  explore personal strengths and style, work with a tea

Year Two

DEVELOP // year two
Sharpen your leadership skills by active engagement in LDR 2563:Leadership Competencies / fall
Develop a personal mission statement and explore its transforming application.
Signature events:

  • The Summit developing personal vision
  • Leadership Competencies Course taught by Rod Reed, University Chaplain
  • Mission Possible

Year Three

DO // year three
Create, implement and evaluate a self-directed leadership project through LDR 3651-3: LSI Capstone Practicum / fall or spring
Apply your leadership in the community
Signature events:

  • LDR 3651-3 LSI Capstone Practicum
  • Doing and Connecting series

Year Four

DEPLOY // year four
Prepare for a lifetime of  leadership beyond JBU
Cultivate your concept of personal legacy
Signature events:

  • The Last Lecture
  • ExtraOrdinary Leadership
  • Greystone Legacy Finale