Schedule - Head of School Retreat

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2015 Tentative Schedule

Tuesday, June 23

3:00                  Hotel Check-in Time - Hampton Inn

4:00                  Retreat Registration Time - Hampton Inn Lobby

5:00                  Meet to Catch Shuttle to Dinner - Hampton Inn Lobby

5:30                  Dinner/Dessert/Welcome - President Pollard's Home

6:30                  Dessert and Opening Session- President Pollard's Home

Wednesday, June 24

7:00-8:00         Breakfast at hotel

8:00                  Depart for JBU

8:30-9:30         Morning Session: Creating an Environment for Spiritual Growth

9:30-10:30       Morning Session: Strategies to Make Your Website a Recruiting Tool

10:30-11:00      Coffee Break

11:00-12:00      Campus Tour

10:30-3:30       Spouse Event: Tour and Lunch at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art - Bentonville, AR

12:00-1:00        Lunch (Simmons Great Hall)

1:00-2:00         Afternoon Session: The Financial Sustainability of Christian Education

2:00-3:00         Afternoon Session: Best Practices in Environmental Sustainability

3:00-5:00         Free Time: Sager Creek Walking Trail, Visit Siloam Springs' Boutiques and Coffee shops

5:30-8:00         Dinner with Spouse at 28 Springs in Siloam Springs

6:30-8:00         Evening Session - Cultivating an Emotional and Relationally Intelligent Marriage

Thursday, June 25

7:00-8:00         Breakfast at hotel

8:00                  Check out of Hotel, Depart for JBU

8:30-10:30       Head of School Morning Session: Sexual Identity and the Christian School: Discussing the Cultural, Theological, Psychological, Legal, Political, and School Policy Issues of Sexual Identity

10:30                Coffee Break

11:00-12:00      Morning Session: Best Practices in Christian Education

11:00-12:00      Campus Tour

11:00-12:30      Spouse Morning Session: Do you Work at School? The Spouse's Role in Carrying out the Mission 

12:30-1:30       Lunch and Dual-Enrollment Presentation

1:30                  Retreat Concludes


Registration: There is no registration fee for the workshop - click here to register.

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