Schedule - NACCAP Workshop

What to Expect

2016 Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, February 17

4:00-5:00        Arrive hotel

5:30                 Depart for dinner at JBU

6:00                 Dinner/dessert at President Pollard's home

7:00                 Introductions and workshop overview

7:30                 NACCAP Overview - Chant Thompson (Pollard's home)

Thursday, February 18

7:00-8:00          Breakfast at hotel

8:30                  Depart for JBU

9:00                  Campus tour with JBU Admissions Staff (departs from Simmons Great Hall Lobby)

10:30                 Chapel (Cathedral)

11:30                 Lunch with students (Simmons Great Hall - Room B)

1:00                   JBU overview with leadership panel (Soderquist Board Room)
                          Dr. Ed Ericson, Dr. Andre Broquard, Dr. Kim Hadley, Dr. Rod Reed, Dr. Trisha Posey,
                          Mr. Chuck Hyde, Mr. Derek Gwinn, & Mr. Don Crandall 

2:00                   Essentials of College Counseling, part 1 – Caryn Thexton (Simmons Great Hall)

                          or Spiritual Formation on a Christian College Campus - Dr.  Rod Reed and Dr. Carey Balzer (Simmons Great Hall)

3:00                   Essentials of College Counseling, part 2 – Ron Moss (Simmons Great Hall)

                          or NCAA and Special Program (music, art, theater) - Dr. Janet Miranda (Simmons Great Hall)

4:00                   Financial Aid and Scholarships - Kim Eldridge (Simmons Great Hall)

5:00                   Depart for Dinner

5:30                   Dinner at the Wooden Spoon

7:00                   College Counseling Expert Panel (Wooden Spoon)

8:00                   Return to hotel

Friday, February 19

7:00                   Breakfast at hotel

8:00                   Depart for JBU

8:30                   Faculty Panel (Simmons Great Hall)
                          Dr. Maxie Burch, Dr. Margo Turner, Dr. Tim Wakefield, Dr. Jake Stratman,
                          Dr. Jay Bruce, Dr. Ted Song, & Mrs. Jen Edwards

9:30                   Student Panel (Simmons Great Hall)

10:30                 Visual Art Highlight - Mr. Dave Andrus and Faculty (Windgate Visual Arts East & West)

11:30                  Lunch with Admissions Staff and Concurrent Partnerships - Matt Reddin (Simmons Great Hall)

12:30                 Workshop concludes


Registration: There is no registration fee for the workshop - click here to register.

Travel Expenses: Mileage reimbursement through JBU.

Hotel: Provided free of charge.