Heart - Spiritual Philosophy

From the time he was 17 and followed the slow thump, thump, thump of a drum through the rain-drenched streets of Rogers, Ark., to a Salvation Army meeting where he was converted, John Brown, Sr. was a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

Not long after he became a Christian, Brown began to spread the gospel message through his own preaching. He became nationally known as "Brother Brown" and fully devoted his time to evangelism as an eloquent and convincing preacher.

When Brown founded the University, he could not neglect in his educational philosophy the God about whom he had told so many. In addition to having academic and vocational opportunities, he wanted students to be exposed to the Bible for a complete educational experience.

"We wish our graduates always to be consecrated to Christ, whether engaged in full-time service of the church or in secular activities," Brown once said. "We desire to equip them with a knowledge of the Bible, believing that such knowledge rightly assimilated and developed permeates and directs all phases of life."

One of Brown's dreams was to build a great Cathedral to echo the beauty of the Ozark hills scenery and the praise of his Creator. Brown saw the first stones being laid for it, but died shortly before its completion in 1957.

With the rich heritage of Brown's faith, the University whose motto is "Christ Over All" continues to stand firm in the ways of the God who Brown was committed to serve.