The Visual Art Foundry

Visual Art Foundry

The Visual Art Foundry is—simply put—a community for the art students of John Brown University. We aim to provide a place that encourages and inspires graphic designers, illustrators, animators, photographers, and cinematographers to think critically and creatively. Through workshops, show-n-tell times and events, we seek innovative ways to connect art students while enriching their art education experience. It is a place to "be cool."

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Get Involved

Anyone is welcome to get involved with the VAF!

General membership is free. You don't have to pay to get involved. We have a lot of events, parties and guest speakers that don't cost you a single sent.

Paid members get discounts (and a t-shirt). For $15, you can go to VAF events and trips at a cheaper price or even free. Money goes to Jeannie Abbott in the Art West offices.

Contact President Savanna Onnen ( or Vice President Nick Eshnaur ( to sign up.

Art & Illustration

VAF Art & Illustration

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Contact Jessica Foley ( or Chloe Fennell ( to get involved.



Student Filmmaker Society

VAF Digital Cinema

Contact Joel Nizza ( or Emma Pell ( to get involved.



Design Mill

VAF Graphic Design

Contact Jarod Hamm ( or Caleb Alba ( to get involved.



VAF Photography

JBU Photographylike inFocus

Contact Bekah David ( or Erika Forney ( to get involved.

Join the Visual Art Foundry

Online form coming soon! For now, contact President Savanna Onnen ( or Vice President Nick Eshnaur ( to sign up.

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