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The Visual Art Foundry is the student-led art club for the artists of John Brown University. We aim to provide a place that encourages and inspires graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and cinematographers to think critically and creatively. Through get-togethers, trips, community outreach, competitions and other events, we seek innovative ways to connect art majors and other artists while enriching all students' education experiences. We are known for the Arties, JBU's annual red-carpet awards show to celebrate student excellence the arts. The VAF is made up of four sub-clubs: Design Mill, InFocus, Sketchy and Student Filmmaker Society.

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Get Involved

Anyone is welcome to get involved with the VAF! Sign up anytime.

Regular membership is free. You don't have to pay to get involved. We have a lot of events, parties and guest speakers that don't cost you a single cent. If you want to be a Regular member, just select "Regular" and we will contact you about what's happening and you can choose when you want to come!

Premium members get discounts (and a t-shirt). For $15 a year, you can go to some VAF events at a discount, gain access to some exclusive events and submit work to the Student Works Show for a discounted price. If you select "Premium," you will have to bring $15 to Jeannie in the Art West offices. We'll contact you when it's time to pick up your t-shirt and let you know about discounts and special events throughout the year!


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VAF Sub-Clubs

Design Mill

Design Mill

VAF Graphic Design

led by Ashlyn Bockstanz ( and Lindy Martin (




VAF Photography

JBU Photographylike inFocus

led by Grace Nast ( and Andrew Albright (




VAF Art & Illustration

JBU Photographylike Fine Arts & Illustration

led by Jenna Flack ( and Abby Reimer (


Student Filmmaker Society

Student Filmmaker Society

VAF Digital Cinema

led by Emma Pell ( and Chris Ridings (