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From Countryside to Courtyards

"From Countryside to Courtyards" - April 2015

Paintings by Peter Pohle

JBU Art Professor Peter Pohle is sharing his oil paintings from his recent sabbatical in Germany and Ireland as well as local plein air pieces.



"Student Works Show" - February 2014

The Student Works Show is an annual gallery exhibit of student artwork, hosted by the Visual Art Foundry. Work is submitted in the categories of fine art, illustration, 3D modeling/animation, graphic design, photography, darkroom photography/printmaking, and digital cinema. The work was judged by professional artists and cash prizes were awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category at the Arties. Annee Hofstra won the People's Choice Award and Dana Zimmerman won the Best in Show (Faculty Choice) Award.


Tim Ernst

"Arkansas Wilderness: A Rare Quality of Light" - January 2015

Photography by Tim Ernst

Tim Ernst is a renowned Arkansas nature photographer. His outstanding photographs have been seen in National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, The New York Times, and others.



Erin Shaw

"Seasoned Threads" - November 2014

Paintings by Erin Shaw

Through her strongly horizontal and richly colored paintings, Erin Shaw deals with the dualities we all carry inside of us through visual storytelling. The colors, textures and messages of the artwork are a feast to the eyes.


Timothy Botts

"Bound for Glory" - October 2014

Calligraphy by Timothy Botts

Celebrating the gift of African American spirituals through expressive calligraphy.



Saturation Point 2

"Saturation Point 2: Where Color and Composition Meet" - September 2014

Paintings by Robin Hazard Bishop




Illustrators 55

"Illustrators 55: Society of Illustrators" - April 2014

Student Works Show: Feb-Mar 2014

Digital Art, Fine Art, Illustration, Digital Cinema, Graphic Design, and Photography of JBU Art Students

"Cloth Journey" - Jan-Feb 2014

Shirley Cunningham: Artist in Cloth

cloth journey





Champion Trees of Arkansas

"Champion Trees of Arkansas" - November 2013

From artist Linda Palmer

champion trees





Scribes of Hope

"Scribes of Hope" - October 2013

From Christians in the Visual Arts

Scribes of Hope





Faculty Exhibit

"Our Heads, Our Hearts, Our Hands" - September 2013

Visual Arts Faculty Exhibit 2013

Heads Hearts Hands







Original Art

"Original Art": Children's Book Illustrations - April 2013

Society of Illustrators

Original Art





Student Works 2013

Student Works 2013

Student Works 2013

In Defense of the Dark Art

"In Defense of the Dark Art" - January 2013

Photography by Neal Holland & Kyle Agee

In Defense of the Dark Ages

Picturing the Parables

"Picturing the Parables" - November 2012

CIVA: Christians in the Visual Arts

Picturing the Parables


Return to Sender

"Return to Sender" - October 2012

Alumnus Exhibit

The Beauty of Observation

"The Beauty of Observation" - September 2012

An American Plein Art Showcase

Beauty of Observation


Illustrators 53

"Illustrators 53" - April 2012

The Society of Illustrators

Illustrators 53


Student Works 2013

"Let Your Art Take Flight" - Student Works 2012

Student Works 2012

Leslie Nichols

"Textual Portraits: Envisioning Social Heritage" - February 2012

artwork by Leslie Nichols

Leslie Nichols


"Gedanken-Experiment" - January 2012

a collection of student artwork from the 2011 summer studies trip
to Switzerland and Germany



Illuminated Lessons

"Illuminated Lessons" - November 2011

Carey Roberson

Illuminated Lessons

paintings of Peter Pohle

"European Impressions" - October 2011

paintings by Peter Pohle



Faith and Fantasy

"Faith and Fantasy" - September 2011

Art of Jeff Haynie

Faith and Fantasy

St. John's Bible

"The Saint John's Bible" - April 2011

Giclee prints from the hand lettered/calligraphy Bible.

The Saint John's Bible

Charles Pearce

"The Painted Word: Calligraphic Abstractions" - November 2010

By world renowned calligrapher Charles Pearce.

The Painted Word

Heads, Hearts, Hands Faculty Exhibit

"Heads, Hearts, Hands" - October 2010

JBU Art Faculty Exhibit

Heads, Hearts, Hands


Charles Pearce

"Cross Purpose" - September 2010

The Edward and Diane Knippers Collection of rich imagery of the cross.

Cross Purpose



Target for Intolerance

"Target for Intolerance" - January 2010

photography by Will Counts

Target for Intolerance


Perceptions of Being

"Perceptions of Being"

Selected works by Tony Tiger & John Brown University Visual Arts professor Bobby Martin.

Perceptions of Being

Bula Kia Ora

"Bula & Kia Ora"

Photography & design form the summer 2009 Fiji/New Zealand studies trip.

Bula Kia

Watercolor thumbnail

Watercolors from the Permanent Collection of the Arkansas Arts Center

Watercolors from many different southern artists.


Hallmark 25 ways to make a print

Hallmark - 25 Ways to Make a Print

An exhibition of postwar and contemporary art which showcases a wide array of printmaking techniques.


Figures in Flux cover

Mike Nichols - "Figures in Flux"

Pastel paintings from Western Kentucky University professor Mike Nichols.

Mike Nichols - "Figures in Flux"

student Works

Charles Peer - "Views from the Journey"

Pastel paintings from JBU art professor and gallery curator Charles Peer.

Charles Peer - "Views from the Journey"

student Works

Student Works Show 2009

Student Works Show 2009

 peter dombrovskis

Peter Dombrovskis - "International Photography Hall of Fame"

Photos from the collection of the International Photography Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Peter Dombrovskis

 Dan Addington

"Monument and Memory" - Dan Addington

Addington explores the use of alternative, often organic materials like wax, tar, wood, and fabric in his paintings.

Dan Addington


 Longing and Hope

"Longing and Hope"

Paintings by Janet McKenzie of Vermont.

Longing and Hope


Art of the New Music Poster

"Graphic Content: Art of the New Music Poster"

Posters curated by Dirk Fowler, Texas Tech University."

Graphic Content: Art of the New Music Poster


Joel Sheesley

"The View from Here" by Joel Sheesley

Paintings by Wheaton University professor Joel Sheesley.

Joel Sheesley


Society of Illustrators

"Society of Illustrators" - An Historical Look

A collection of unique illustrated pieces from many accomoplished artists.

Society of Illustrators


 Spain Photos

"Real Spain"

A compilation of photos taken by students while on a studies trip to Malaga, Spain.




"Liturgical Art Forms in a Post-Modern Context" by Wayne Forte

Paintings by California artist Wayne Forte.

Wayne Forte


500 Years of Printmaking

"500 Years of Printmaking"

From the Sandra and Robert Bowden collection.

500 Years of Printmaking


Points of View

"Points of View"

Mixed media artwork collaboration by the visual arts faculty.

Points of View


Fly Now

"Fly Now"

Aviation Posters from the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum.

Fly Now



Makoto Fujimura - "Splendor"

A unique display from Makoto Fujimura containing a unique style of painting using gold, silver, and minerals.

Makoto Fujimura - Refractions


Typographic Progression

A Biblical Progression vs. Typographic Interpretation

A compilation of John Brown University students' work from the Junior level graphic design class "Typography."

Typographic Progression vs. Biblical Interpretation


Student Works 2007

Student Works 2007- See How Far We've Progressed

A compilation of John Brown University students' work ranging in genre from Illustration, to Graphic Design and Photography.

Student Works 2007


Artist Fellowship

Artists Fellowship - A Reverence for Creation

A unique multiple medium display from somewhat local artists' work that portray a reverence for creation.

Artist Fellowship - A Reverence for Creation


Joel Armstrong

"One Body" - 1 Corinthians 12:12

A collaborative installation of wire exhibits, rust created images, and photography by Joel Armstrong, Assistant Professor of Graphic Art.

Installation Gallery - Joel Armstrong


WWI Photography

"Private View - Public War: A collection of WWII Photographs"

A display of Photographs and Equipment from the collection of Layden Stroud.

WWI Photography - Layden Stroud


Classic Comics

"Classics Comics from the Collection of Rick Parker"

A display of illustrations from Classic Comic covers. The comics range in material from the Three Musketeers to Alice in Wonderland.

Classics Illustrated Comics - Collection of Rick Parker


Society of Illustrators

Society of Illustrators Traveling Exhibitions 2006-07

A display of vast amounts of talent from the Society of Illustrators traveling show. With Illustrations ranging in mediums and clientele.

Society of Illustrators


Sandra Bowden

Sandra Bowden "Exploring the Book"

Various works from Sandra Bowden with Biblical overtones explaining "The Book" with Ikons and Logos. Here are just a few images from the show.

Sandra Bowden "Ikons & Logos"


Aric Mayer

Aric Mayer - Representing the Unrepresentable, Nature and the Sublime

Photography by JBU alumni Aric Mayer

Aric Mayer


Student Works 2006

Student Works Show 2006

Annual student competition and show

Student Works Show 2006


Pastel Society of America

Pastel Society of America Board of Directors Exhibition

A collection of works from the Pastel Society of America.

Pastel Society of America


Arkansas Watercolor

"Watercolor Paintings" by Regional Artists

Arkansas Watercolor


Todd Goehner

Todd Goehner - "Theory to Praxis"

Designs by JBU Graphic Design professor Todd Goehner.

Todd Goehner - "Theory to Praxis"


Holocost Paintings

Fritz Hirschberger, "The Sur-Rational Holocaust Paintings"

Paintings by Holocaust survivor Fritz Hirschberger.

Fritz Hirschberger


Hutcheson Family

Relativity & Art: Paintings and Sculpture from the Hutcheson Family

An exhibition of oil paintings and wood sculpture by Karen Hutcheson, Robyn Hutcheson Horn, and Dede Hutcheson.

Hutcheson Family Relativity & Art


David Roger Andrus

"Favorite Places" - David Andrus Giclée Prints.

JBU Art professor David Andrus and his travel poster giclee prints.

David Roger Andrus


Timothy Tyler

Timothy Tyler

Paintings from American Realist Timothy Tyler. Here are just a few images from the show.

Timothy Tyler


Student Works 2005

Student Works 2005

Here are a few examples from the over 80 pieces entered.

Student Works 2005



Christians in Visual Art - "Talmud"

This display featured pieces from Ben-Zion (1897-1987) and Marc Chagall (1887-1985)--two of the most important Jewish artists of the 20th Century.



Professors Show

"Framed" JBU Art Professors

A show of artwork created by the JBU art professors and staff.

Professors Show


Art Tour

"Imaging Ireland"

From summer studies trips during 2004. Two groups of students from the Art Department studied abroad for a time this summer.

Art Tour Photos


Tim Ernst

Tim Ernst

Tim Ernst is a nature photographer from Arkansas.

Tim Ernst


JBU Alumni

JBU Alumni

A collection of pieces by JBU graduates.

JBU Alumni


Chicago Kids

"The Children of Lawndale"

These pieces were created by her 2nd through 6th grade kids in a Chicago inner-city school.

Chicago Kids


Timothy Botts

"The Calligraphy of Timothy Botts"

Timothy Botts displayed some of his work in the gallery and gave a few demonstrations on how he actually does his work.

Timothy Botts