Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communications Design

A Collaborative Design Program

What is Collaborative Design?

Two or more CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVERS WORKING TOGETHER with people or organizations, TO SERVE in the pursuit of SHARED GOALS, effective solutions and TO AFFECT POSITIVE CHANGE locally, nationally and globally.

THE JBU VISUAL ARTS PROGRAM is a national leader in Visual Arts education. It has become a destination program and is well respected by local, regional, national and international organizations as a program that puts forth great talent and prepared workers to step into positions which demand diverse proficiencies. We are respected for the values and ethics of our graduates, and our graduates are highly sought after within the field. The MFA program in Visual Communication Design will position our students in well respected leadership roles in influential corporations, non-profits, ministries and academic institutions. Our students are strongly encouraged to participate in foreign study, mission and other international opportunities as a way to broaden their understanding of our world and to enrich their Christian world view.

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For more information, contact:

Todd Goehner

Associate Professor of Graphic Design
MFA Coordinator

Jeannie Abbott
Administrative Assistant
Visual Arts Department

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