JBU Engineering Newsletter

May 2006

Here are a few items to keep you up to date with the Engineering Department at JBU. While some of the details have probably changed from your time here, the overall scope of things is pretty much the same.

The engineering faculty and staff enjoy hearing about the changes in your life, so please follow this link http://www.jbu.edu/academics/engineering/alumni/index.asp and give us an update.

In Christ,
Robert Norwood, Ph.D., Chair
Division of Engineering and Construction Management



Here are some of the 2006 Engineering and Computer Science graduates at the Senior Banquet.

The Engineering Design I and II course, aka Senior Design, is still going strong. This year we had 10 companies sponsoring projects for the 14 senior design students. Five of the projects were sponsored by missions organizations that are trying to help people in third-world countries. A brief synopsis of each project is given below.

If your company would be interested in sponsoring a project, please contact Dr. French, kwfjr@jbu.edu.

Andy Andrus, Oil/Water Separator, Ensol LLC
Design and integration of an oil/water separator into a preexisting water filtration system used for the production of potable water.

Gerson Arteaga, Piezo Powered RFID, Citadel Technologies
Design a system to mark pipeline repairs using RFIDs.

Matt Elijah, IV Bag Contents Analyzer, Monterey Medical Solutions
Design a test or series of tests with the ability to discern the electrolyte concentration of a Total Parenteral Nutrition bag mixed by a Baxa 2400 compounder.

Daniel Fleming, BUV-Ambulance, Institute for Affordable Technology
Design a 3-wheel vehicle based on the rear half of a small pick-up truck cut near the cab/bed interface and a rear ambulance unit to be attached to the rolling chassis for use in third-world countries.

Junya Fujisaki, Moisture Content Detection, Simmons Foods Inc
Design a moisture content detector for process level pet food in order to maintain proper moisture content inside the pet food.

Helen Gross, Universal Motor Base, Weatherford International
Design a motor base with an integrated oil filter and tool flange for mounting an optional temperature and pressure sensor.

David Gutierrez, Mixing Station, Monterey Medical Solutions
Design and analyze a quantitative chemical analytical method to use in quality control of a Total Parenteral Nutrition mixing station for the reduction of adverse drug effects.

Adam McClintock, Injection Head Redesign, Cooling & Applied Technology
Redesign a brine solution manifold tank assembly to solve tolerance issues caused by the warping of the lower plate when the tank is welded on.

Juan Mejia, Re-Chiller Controller, Cooling & Applied Technology
Redesign a rechiller controller so that the temperature of the water coming out of the rechiller is maintained as close to 32 degrees Fahrenheit as possible without freezing.

Nate Moyer, Wet Wipe Folder Conversion, Rockline Industries
Redesign a dry cross fold machine for use in a wet environment.

Juan Rodriguez, Hydrogen Airlift Pump, New Life International
Design a hydrogen airlift pump to maintain a consistent concentration of reactants in a chlorine production system.

Justin Rolfs, Peristaltic Water Pump, New Life International
Design a human-powered water pump for use in third-world countries.

Abril Rosas, Adjustable Variable Shutter, John Zink Co. LLC
Design a device that can vary the open area inside a burner throat so that the pressure drop can be matched to that of another burner of smaller capacity.

Robert Strong, BUV-Ambulance, Institute for Affordable Technology
Design a 3-wheel vehicle based on the rear half of a small pick-up truck cut near the cab/bed interface and a rear ambulance unit to be attached to the rolling chassis for use in third-world countries.


On Thursday, January 12, 2006 in the Hyde Engineering machine shop, Gene Harp '41 made a plumb bob to demonstrate the capabilities of a new lathe that he donated to the JBU Engineering Division. The lathe was one of three that were donated to the University by Gene, his family, and friends. The plumb bob is on display in the Engineering Building. During the 80's and 90's, Gene instructed many students in the machine component of the Production Techniques Lab course.


This year 22 students received scholarships totaling $17,256.

Fred Olney Scholarships Kim Dykman
Keith Nazworth
Harold C. Ward Engineering Scholarship Balbino Arevalo
David Baker
Bryce Burchfield
Ricardo Castillo
Caleb Gutshall
Bill Hall
Alan Hill
Nathan Klemm
Tony Lake
Peter Lightfoot
Jamin Schweiger
Brent Snyder
The McCaw Fund for Engineering Excellence Christopher Brown
Lee Charles
Nathan Cozart
TJ Mitchell
Diogenes Molina
Keith Nazworth
Ana Ruiz
Andrew Summers
Jeff Scholtens Memorial Scholarship Brian Kyles

If you would like to help provide engineering students with scholarship opportunities, JBU is in the midst of the $10 Million Challenge. This is a unique opportunity to double gifts to new or existing endowed scholarships at JBU. Contact Jim Krall, jkrall@jbu.edu, or Paul Eldridge, peldridge@jbu.edu, for more information.


Larry Bland is rewriting two National Science Foundation grants related to integrating globalization into the engineering curriculum. Dr. Bland also presented two papers this past fall at the American Society for Engineering Educators (ASEE) regional conference, and will be presenting a paper at the annual ASEE conference in June.

Ken French has been working on several writing projects. Dr. French will be presenting a paper titled "The Ethics In and Of the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam," at the Christian Engineering Educators Conference this summer. He is also working on an appendix on guiding litigation related to sports equipment for a book about safety information resources for attorneys.

Young-Gurl Kim has spent the last year building up the Institute for Biblical Community Development. Dr. Kim has traveled around the globe conducting workshops and seminars to help train people to impact the third-world.

Kevin Macfarlan has spent the last year on sabbatical working with Honeywell in Phoenix, Arizona. The department is looking forward to having him back for the next school year.

Robert Norwood is continuing to oversee the division and is finishing up his second year as Division Chair. One of Dr. Norwood's main efforts this past year has been working with the other faculty to review and revise our program assessment plans and procedures.

Leo Setian is currently working on the second edition of Engineering Field Theory with Applications. Dr. Setian recently taught an independent study course on the fundamentals of acoustics to several interested students.



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