You are a busy person, with a lot of responsibilities and activities. At JBU we realize that it's difficult to juggle career, family, school and other activities. That is why we've developed a fully online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree  to meet the needs of students who may find themselves constrained by time and/or distance from campus.

The new Business Administration Online degree combines the quality and tradition of the existing on campus programs at JBU, with the convenience and technological enhancements available for online course delivery. Since classes are all web-based, you can access them from an airport or hotel room while traveling; with a mobile phone app for Blackboard; or from home at your convenience. That means if you are a night owl, you can plan to study late at night...or if you are an early riser, before sunrise may be your chosen time to get online with your classes.

You manage your time to complete your coursework. The flexibility and accessibility of this degree is ideally suited to your busy lifestyle.