Mr. Donald Balla

Mr. Donald Balla

Professor of Business

J.D., University of Arkansas

M.M., Florida State University

M.S., The American College

B.M., Southern Illinois University

C.P.A., Illinois


When Donald Balla proposed to his wife Judy in 1968, he was a Viet Nam veteran bumming around the country. On military scholarships, he earn his Masters of Music in music composition. After working as a music and youth director at a Baptist church, he studied accounting to handle his financial records during his hungry years as a musician. Eventually he got his CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and worked as head accountant in county government and a hospital. After coming to John Brown University, Donald obtained a Masters of Financial Services and Doctorate in Law. He and Judy now live in a house Judy designed and built. JBU business students will find him teaching Business Law, accounting classes, and Business Communications. Students outside the major may have him for the infamous Basic Economics class-the class with all the economic pitfalls that we find in our American economy. A Spanish speaker, Donald's community service is providing legal services to the poor Hispanic community. He is a champion of the constitutional rights of undocumented aliens.