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Academic Clubs

Christian Health Professionals of Tomorrow (CHPT)
Christian Health Professionals of Tomorrow aims to help members explore the health profession field and to serve the surrounding community. We host speakers who share their own experiences in the medical field, sponsor visits to professional schools and partner with Community Blood Center of the Ozarks for on-campus blood drives.
Music Service Organization (MSO)
The Music Service Organization seeks to provide services for the music department and learning opportunities for music education students specifically. Among its many services, MSO provides ushers, reception-workers and stage managers for recitals, performances and Artist Series events. It co-sponsors the Music Department Banquet each spring and hosts a solo/ensemble competition for area middle and high school students. Anyone in any way involved in the music department is welcome to join!

Construction Management Club
The Construction Management Club is designed to encourage and aid all CM majors in the pursuit of future job opportunities and their understanding of how building systems function. We achieve this by enabling all JBU students to visit job sites, interact with personnel from many construction companies and by providing events on campus to encourage students in the development of their skills.

ENACTUS (Formerly Students in Free Enterprise)
Enactus seeks to change lives around the world through education and service that equips people, builds communities and inspires hearts. JBU Enactus is students with ideas to meet needs, organizing into teams and implementing projects to raise the standard of living for others.

Engineering Club
JBU Engineering Club is an establishment that is totally and completely focused on you, the engineer. EC is designed so that we can foster community among the engineering students, broaden their view of what it means to be an engineer and keep relevant information concerning engineering activities available. Engineers are a select few, and so our goal is to help you be the engineer God wants you to be.

French Club
The purpose of the JBU French Club is to encourage the study of the French language and culture through a variety of exciting activities. Most importantly, the French Club understands the priceless benefits of learning a new language and culture. Learning a new language well will allow you to gain a more global perspective, reinforce your own identity and self-confidence and provide you with the ability to exchange ideas with people all over the world that you would otherwise not have the chance to. Language-learning success is essential in order to secure a successful career in this increasingly connected world.

History Society
The purpose of the society is to promote the study and appreciation of history among JBU students, to facilitate discussions and conversations regarding faculty and student research, to promote community among JBU students and to promote campus-wide discussions regarding topics of historical importance.

Philosophy Club
The John Brown University Philosophy Club is an organization that seeks to unite a body of students under the common goal of the pursuit of truth and wisdom. We hope to bring this idea into fruition through the study, lecture, and discussion of ancient and modern philosophy from a Christian perspective. So please cast aside any preconceived notions you have of the discipline of philosophy and join us on this journey to excellence.

Psy Chi
The purpose of Psych Club is to develop a strong community between all Psychology majors and minors, explore psychology beyond the classroom and to develop strong relationships between all JBU students and the community. The Psychology Club is open to all interested but Leadership is limited to Psychology majors and minors. Throughout the year, we host different events and activities such as movie nights and dinners, we will also be hosting seminars from various psychologists. Psych club is a great and fun way to be involved in our department, meet fellow psychology students and develop friendships.

Student Honors Scholars
The JBU Student Honors Club strives to enrich students in different ways both in and outside of the classroom. Through exclusive and campus-wide events, the Honors Club aims to edify the JBU Community.

Sigma Tau Delta
The International English Honor Society seeks to promote literacy as well as interest in the cultural arts across the JBU campus and throughout the Siloam Springs Community.

Speech and Debate Club
The JBU Speech and Debate club trains students to be more effective speakers and debaters through local, regional and national forensics competitions. We represent the mission of JBU in such competitions through excellent public speaking, oral interpretation and debate performances. We also strive to serve the community through hosting and judging tournaments, service, advocacy and other worthy endeavors.

Teacher Education Club
The Education Club is a resource for all teacher candidates in the Education Department. We seek to provide opportunities for professional development and a community of encouragement for the candidates.

The Visual Art Foundry
The Visual Art Foundry is--simply put--a community for the art students of John Brown University. We aim to provide a place that encourages and inspires graphic designers, illustrators, animators, photographers and cinematographers to think critically and creatively. Through workshops, show-n-tell times and events, we seek innovative ways to connect art students while enriching their art education experience. It is a place to "be cool."

Sports Clubs

JBU Airsoft
Our main purpose is to provide a place of fellowship for those who enjoy or are interested in airsoft   Because airsoft replicas are not allowed on campus, the Airsoft club provides off campus storage for personally owned replicas. The club also offers several opportunities to play at local facilities such as New Life Ranch where gun rentals are available! The club maintains a facebook page where we keep the members informed of opportunities to play locally, airsoft news and airsoft contests. Please like the page if you're interested and keep an eye out for posters around campus from more information on events! We have an emailing list and if you'd like to be on it or if you have any questions at all please email us.

Men's Rugby
At JBU, our Rugby Club pursues the head-heart-hand philosophy of John Brown University. We seek to combine the hard-hitting game of rugby with Christ-like attitudes and actions. Our team desires not only to improve our skills in the sport of rugby, but also to be a positive Christian witness on and off the field. Our team finishes each practice and each match with prayer and a united singing of the "Doxology." This serves to remind all who look on the true reason for the club and to whom we give all glory and honor for the team, Jesus Christ.

Men's Volleyball
Two phrases sum up the JBU Men's Club volleyball team: We love the game of volleyball and we love using sports as a way to Glorify God. Men's Club Volleyball is an equal opportunity club, inviting all skill levels to come play with us, from the seasoned veteran to the guy that has never played but would love to learn. We believe that through the instruction, learning and participating in volleyball, members will learn the value of hard work, team play and Christ over all.

Men's Ultimate Frisbee
JBU Ironfist  is a competitive collegiate ultimate frisbee team that seeks to provide JBU students the opportunity to play competitive Ultimate Frisbee against other college level clubs and organizations, to provide an example of Christian athletes to a largely non-Christian community and to represent JBU to other colleges.

Women's Ultimate Frisbee
The Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team provides the opportunity to play competitive Ultimate Frisbee against other college level clubs and organizations. We strive to provide an example of Christian athletes to a largely non-Christian community, and to represent John Brown University to other colleges.

Special Interest Clubs

Anime Club
The JBU Anime Club is oriented around showing members of the JBU community engaging Anime. We screen different types and genres of anime to broaden and enrich the experiences of our club members, having a good deal of fun laughing at some of the comedy inherent in anime.

Automotive Club
Car troubles? We're here to help! The JBU Automotive Club is designed to be a community with which individuals can attend automotive related events, further their automotive knowledge, receive automotive assistance, fellowship with other Christians and be an outreach to the community of Siloam Springs to further the Kingdom of God.

Council for International Friendship (CIF)
CIF serves the link between International students and domestic students.

GOAL is dedicated to providing innovative education to the student body with the tools and skills to succeed in college, and to ease the transition from backpack to briefcase. We nourish strategic leadership and are passionate about furthering the Human Resources Profession.

Golden Eagle Productions
Golden Eagle Productions (GEP) is a club composed of students from various majors who share a common interest in production work. Students in GEP can participate in several production projects including live JBU basketball coverage, webisodes, newscasts and more! No experience is required. GEP is a great way to get experience the different forms of media and production work. If you are working on a video project and need help, this club is also a way to find crew members.

Mu Kappa
Mukappa is a club organized by MK's with the goal of supporting MK's in their transition from their home overseas into the college experience here at JBU. Our experiences overseas make us very unique individuals. Mukappa organizes events in order to encourage relationships with other fellow MK's on campus to support and encourage each other in our unique situations and experiences. Beyond this we hope that having this support system will give us confidence to make relationships with other students on campus. Events include but are not limited to: camping, weekly dinners with the missionary-in-residence family, annual goat roast, movie nights and supporting the rugby team at home games.

The ROTC club exists to help any student enrolled in Army or Air Force ROTC with the added classes and struggles that could arise from ROTC. We also try to do events to bring awareness to ROTC and to the military as a whole. 

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