Residential Housing

Residence Life Programs

Campus wide

Spiritual Emphasis Week

The spiritual lives of our students are important to the Residence Life staff. Therefore, we devote time each year to focusing on a “hot topic” in people’s spiritual journeys. These topics, which vary from year to year, have ranged from a forum on doubt to a panel of professors speaking on the Holy Spirit and his role in our lives.

Leadership Week

Leadership Week at John Brown University is a time to challenge ourselves with new ideas about what it means to lead. The Soderquist Business Center takes this opportunity to sponsor guest speakers from around the country to share their story and how God has impacted their life.

Celebrating Spiritual Holidays

This will be done in many different venues, from campus wide, to individual residence halls, to individual floors/suites/wings/houses. A few of the spiritual holidays celebrated may include Passover, Good Friday, Christmas, Easter, Lent, Advent, etc. For example, your living area may have a Passover meal and learn what is involved in the meal and why the symbolism within the meal is still very important for us today.

Missions/Missionaries In Residence

The MIRs will come to talk in the residence halls, sharing their life stories and talking about what they do on the mission field and why God has called them to be missionaries overseas. They will have a time to answer questions. There will also be opportunity for people in the hall to talk about their own experiences on missions trips over the summer and what God has been teaching them through this. As a part of this program it is our hope that students better understand our world, the people who live around the world and how they can better connect with those people to impact our world for Christ.

International Meals

Throughout the year there will be times for people from other countries to cook and share the kinds of food that they enjoy eating from their country. In doing this, they can share with us a little part of their home, and allow us to try new things as they learn to enjoy cuisine from around the world. Through this program and others like it we hope that student can learn to better respect and appreciate each other's differences.

Prayer Vigil

There are many facets for worship and a very powerful, practical one is prayer! Please sign up for a time slot to unite with your friends as we pray around the clock (for 24 hours) to worship and lay our requests before the King. We'll kick the vigil off and wrap it up with a time of community worship!


Residence Hall Worship Nights:

Worship in song and prayer as students come together for a time of growth with their neighbors.

Dinner Dates

Enjoy a meal with your hallmates while engaging with a speaker on various topics (i.e. stress management, eating healthy, authentic relationships with Christ, etc). 

Float or Dye

Bring your t-shirt, socks, or any other article of white clothing you can find to tie-dye while sipping on a delicious rootbeer float. This event is a great way to get to know your neighbors while enjoying the beautiful Arkansas weather.

Study Breaks

Take a much needed break from studying to join your hall for treats and fellowship. Can’t make it one week? Not a problem! Just join them the next week (or the week after, or the week after …)


Build your own candy bar using all kinds of delicious toppings.

Prayer Power in the Shower

There’s no time to waste when in college. Use those few extra minutes while showering to talk to God. Need some help? Check out the built in calendar to pray for the people on your hall and for the needs in and outside the JBU community.

Automotive Essentials

You’re on your own now!  Begin to develop the skills necessary to care for your vehicle.


Grab your mattress and find a place for it in the hallway. Enjoy time spent sleeping close by your friends and neighbors just talking, playing games or watching movies.


The Mixer

Walker residents come together for a time of fun and mingling. Get to know your neighbor as you board a classy cruise ship or glow while being decked out in your brightest neon colors.

Roomie Wed

How well do you know your roommate? Put your knowledge to the test and try to win as the best roommate pair in Walker!

Minute to Winnut

Which Walker hall will dominate the competition as students race to complete tasks in a minute and fight for the bragging rights?

Town Houses


Get together with you fellow townhouse mates for a bring Your Own Beef BBQ.

Fall Rake

Townhouse residents get their rake on. This is a service project that happens in the Fall to help elderly families in the Siloam community.

Final’s Breakfast

The week of finals, Townhouses have a morning where we bake muffins and have hot beverages for students headed to their first final of the week. It’s a great way to get started and get fed before a test.