BBL (Biblical Studies)


BBL 7723 The Gospels

Three hours

A study of how Christ's earthly ministry, as reflected in the Gospels, demonstrates principles of spiritual growth. Emphasis is on understanding the life and teachings of Christ as He discipled His followers for growth and ministry and how those principles may be applied in a contemporary context.


BBL 7743 Acts and Epistles

Three hours

An examination of how the first-century church grew spiritually and numerically as reflected in the New Testament. Included is an evaluation of how the experiences of the early church can be a model of discipleship and ministry for the church in contemporary culture.


BBL 8033 Christian Theology and Foundations

Three hours

Understanding of Christian values and perspectives by examination of basic elements of the Christian faith. Through the study of the literature and theology of the Christian scriptures, candidates explore relationships among Christian faith, values, and practice.


BBL 8723 The Old Testament

Three hours

A study of how God effected the spiritual formation of His people in the Old Testament and of how insights gained from other theological themes in the Old Testament can serve as models for discipleship in the present-day church.


BBL 8903 Selected Topics in Biblical Studies

Three hours

An intensive study of a selected area of Biblical Studies (e.g., Old Testament, New Testament, biblical history, doctrines). Prerequisite: consent of instructor.