Professionalism in the Workplace

Tips for Keeping It Professional

Social Networking

Be careful what you post
Think very carefully before posting anything online. Once something is posted online, it cannot be taken back. Do not post personal opinions about your company or coworkers. Represent yourself well. You never know who will come across what you have posted online, so never use profanity or make derogatory comments.

Use your own computer
You should never use company equipment for personal use.

Do it on your own time
You are being paid to work. Using company time for social networking is a waste of your company’s time and money. Your employer will definitely see it that way.

Differentiate between personal and professional Keep your personal and professional lives separate. Refrain from adding supervisor or other coworkers to any personal networks. Utilize privacy settings. Consider creating a separate professional account such as linked in.

Know your company’s rules and guidelines
Every company’s guidelines are different. Find out what your company’s policy is on social networking and internet use and follow the rules. 


Silence your cell phone Various ringtones going off all day create a very disruptive environment and can be quite disturbing to others.

Only take urgent calls If a call is not extremely important (an emergency) let the call go to voice-mail and then check it during a break or lunch.

Find a private place to talk If you must take a personal call, find a private place where you can talk without disturbing your coworkers.

Never use during a meeting Use of cell phones in meetings is rude and disrespectful. You should give your full attention to the meeting. Having your phone with you will tempt you to text or check missed calls. You can return calls or check your voicemail during a break or lunch. It is best to leave your phone at your desk or in a purse/pocket for meetings.


Not on company time
Never text for personal reasons on the job.Texting on the job, unless for job related reasons, is extremely disrespectful and unprofessional. It is a distraction to you and others and therefore a waste of company time. Personal texting should be done during a break. You cannot sneak around this … they WILL see you.

Check your company policy
Check with your employer; never assume it is okay to communicate within the company via text message. Some companies allow texting and use it as a form of communication, others do not allow it. Know your company’s policy and follow it.

If texting is allowed:

  • Keep it professional - Be sure to use professional language as well as proper grammar and spelling. Do not abbreviate words or use slang words.
  • Face to face first - If you are having a conversation with someone, do not check your phone or text someone else. Focus on your present conversation. Be respectful by giving them your full attention.
  • Lunch and dinner meeting - If your job requires lunch or dinner meetings, silence your phone. Do not check it or use it to text or email. Give your full attention to the client.
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