Teacher Placement Information

When & What to Send

The purpose:
A placement file is a compilation of your personal and professional data assembled to provide employers with necessary information on your background and qualifications. 

When to send:
Your file should be sent to the principal or superintendent that you are interviewing with. Your file will be sent at your request, therefore you must authorize its release. The file is not sent automatically when you first apply or inquire about a position. Please give the Career Development Center four business days advance notice so that we have time to copy your file and mail it out. If you have an email address you must give a full 48 hour business day of advance notice. 

Full Teacher Placement Form

Individual Reference Form

Elements You are Responsible for Submitting to Career Development:

These can be submitted electronically to: cdc@jbu.edu or by mail to:

Career Development Center
2000 West University St.
Siloam Spring, AR 72761

  1.  Educational Overview Form
  2.  Authorization For Release Form
  3.  Updated Resume
  4.  2-3 References With Reference Authorization Form

(These are to be references other than your cooperating teachers or supervising professor.)

In advance, you should ask your references to write reference letters regarding your education, work experience and character. It is essential that you check with the Career Development Center to determine if your reference letters have been received. You are not informed that materials have been received unless you ask.

  1.  Official Transcripts (obtain from the registrar and have them sent to our office.)

Requests, in written form, for official transcripts may be made to the Registrar's Office. There is a $2.00 charge for each official transcript. These transcripts may take up to three weeks to process so plan ahead. Have the transcripts sent to The Career Development Center. Again, official transcripts are available from:

Office of the Registrar
John Brown University
2000 West University St
Siloam Springs, AR 72761


  1.  Praxis Scores (optional)

Elements We Will Obtain For You:

  1.  Your Cooperating Teacher Evaluations
  2.  Your Supervising Professor Evaluations


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