Co-Curricular Transcript Request

Your co-curricular transcript is available through the registrar's office.  When you request your regular transcript, you can also now request your co-curricular transcript to also be sent at no extra charge.

Some employers will ask for a verification of the clubs, organizations, etc. that you claim being a part of during your time here.  This transcript is a way for you to verify those things.


Adding an Activity Request Form


The Co-curricular Transcript Request form is a form that verifies the co-curricular activities that you were involved in here at John Brown University.  We have attempted to capture all of the significant co-curricular events that you were involved in here at JBU, however there may have been some that were unintentionally omitted.  In order to add activities to your co-curricular transcript you will need to COMPLETELY fill out the PDF form above and bring it to the Student Development Center.