Career Fair Etiquette

Making Connections & Good Impressions

Why go to a career fair?

  1. A large number of employers in one place
  2. Face to Face time with employers
  3. Networking opportunities
  4. Opportunity to learn about different companies
  5. Practice selling yourself in person

What to do at a Career Fair?

1. Dress Professionally-Business casual

  • For women, skirt or slacks and a nice blouse
  • For men, slacks and a shirt and tie

2. Come with your own information about the companies present

3. Visit everyone to gather information and practice selling yourself. Revisit the employers that really interested you.

4. Smile, make eye contact, and provide firm handshake

5.  Have many copies of your resume ready

6. Have a 30 second-1 minute commercial of yourself ready to give to employers

  • This should include your skills and experiences that make you a qualified candidate
  • Do not make this longer than a minute

7. Ask Questions!

  • What positions are available?
  • What does your hiring process/timeline look like?
  • What are your company‚Äôs goals?
  • What does your company look for in an employee?
  • Can I leave my resume?
  • Can I get a business card?

8. Bring something to take notes on. Write down specific information about companies that you were interested in and specific information about who you spoke with and the conversation you had.

9. After Career Fair, follow up with employers

  • Within a week, email employers that you were interested in. Attach your resume and remind them who you are by identifying something that you conversed about.
  • Within two weeks (if no response), email again or call and seek more information about the hiring process again referencing who you spoke with and what you talked about.

10. Take the initiative and be confident!

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