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Networking - LinkedIn

Using LinkedIN:

Follow the step by step instructions to build your profile.

Create your own LinkedIn profile

Try to provide as much information as they ask for in order to have a strong profile.

Begin managing and adding contacts



Create a user-friendly, professional profile, that represents you the way you want to be viewed.

Invite true friends and acquaintances to connect with you.

When you make requests, be clear about your goals and intentions from the beginning.

Do not just use the standard message LinkedIn provides, use your own wording.

Keep things slightly formal.  Think through your interactions and profile from an employer’s perspective.

Remember, even though it is online, value relationships over “transactions”

 LinkedIn Etiquette Guide


Alumni Network:

Use the "Group Directory" search feature and select the group name for John Brown University.

If you are a Sophomore, you are an alum of JBU.  Get connected with JBU by adding the following group to your profile: John Brown University Alumni

How to find a job using Linkedin:

Build your profile and connections first, then begin the search.

Choose the type of job you want, location and  possible companies.

Contact people who are in hiring positions.

1st degree network connections are the people you know; but the power of networking is in the second degree of connections. Ask a 1st connection to introduce you, then follow up with an introduction yourself.

How to Find Essential Employer Information on LinkedIn


Additional Resources

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