Course Descriptions

Business Administration Online

ATG 2173 - Principles of Financial Accounting (3 credit hours)
A study of accounting vocabulary and skill building in the applications of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to areas such as the accounting cycle, financial statement preparation, cash and inventory control, fixed asset analysis, liabilities and stockholder's equity.

ATG 2183 - Principles of Managerial Accounting (3 credit hours)
Study of basic concepts of management accounting, planning and control, management decision making, just-in-time operating, activity-based-costing, and financial statement analysis. Offered in an online format.
Prerequisite: ATG 2173

BUS 1123 - Business Communication (3 credit hours)
Development of professional communication skills, both written and oral, in business. Includes mechanics, techniques, and psychological principles of effective business communications with emphasis on contemporary communication technologies.
Prerequisite: EGL 1013

BUS 2113 - Financial Spreadsheet Applications
Practice in using spreadsheets for accounting and financial applications. Emphasizes creating schedules, financial modeling, generating macros, and producing reports.
Prerequisites: ATG 2173

BUS 2153 - Financial Mathematics
A study of mathematical tools and models used for time-value of money calculations.  Topics include simple interest, compound interest, annuities, debt extinction, and bond pricing. 
Prerequisite: MTH 1113 or consent of program director

BUS 2193 - Business Statistics
A study of statistical theory as it applies in business settings.  Topics include probability, distributions, descriptive statistics, estimation, hypothesis testing, regression and correlation, non-parametric methods, ANOVA, and statistical quality control. 
Prerequisite: MTH 1113 or consent of program director

BUS 3153 - Applied Business Ethics
An integrated set of activities designed to raise student awareness of real-life business moral dilemmas while gaining practical experience in the implementation and operation of business ethics programs and departments. Students write business cases, draft corporate codes of conduct, and study cases and laws related to corporate governance. 

BUS 4143 - Business Law
Basic legal principles that govern modern business transactions. Topics include contracts, real and personal property, agencies, employment, business formation, and Uniform Commercial Code.

BUS 4173 - Business Finance
Study of decision-making techniques involving working capital management, capital budgeting, long-term financing, and dividend policy.
Prerequisites: ATG 2183, BUS 2153, and ECN 2123

BUS 4193 - Organizational Behavior
A competency building course involving the study of individuals, groups, structure and culture in organizational context and how each influences the collective behavior of an organization. Topics include leadership, management, communication, motivation, accountability, change, and conflict resolution. Emphasis is on understanding these topics and correctly applying them to improve organizational effectiveness.

BUS 4993 - Strategic Management
An integrative study of business strategy and policy involving the creation and presentation of a formal business plan. This is a capstone course and must be taken during the final 12 hours of the student's major field coursework.

COR 1103 - Orientation to Online Adult Learning (3 credit hours)
Prepares students to locate and use resources available to online learners and introduces the Christian worldview unique to JBU. The distinctive characteristics of adult learners are explored, and students identify their individual strengths through the StrengthsQuest assessment instrument.

ECN 2113 - Principles of Microeconomics
A study of financial markets and how supply and demand interact to direct the allocation of resources.  Topics include market structure, the role of competition, price theory, output determination, and income distribution.  Pollution, poverty, and farm income are briefly considered.

ECN 2123 - Principles of Macroeconomics
A study of national income accounting, the determination of national output and employment levels, the monetary system, monetary theory, and stabilization policy.  Inflation, unemployment, productivity, economic growth, balance of payments, and the public debt are considered from the perspectives of various schools of thought. Offered in an online format.
Prerequisite: ECN 2113

ECN 4103 - International Economics
A study of the global economy with emphasis on the role of the United States.  Topics include trade theory, trade restrictions, monetary systems, exchange rates, and the effect of domestic economic policies on global trade.  Trade issues such as trade deficits, job displacement, economic sanctions, emerging nations, environmental issues, immigration, and currency crises are covered. Meets the Global Studies requirement of the Core Curriculum.
Prerequisite: ECN 2123

MGT 2173 - Principles of Management
A study of basic principles of leadership and management from historical and contemporary perspectives.  Topics include a discussion of the theories, concepts, interrelationships, moral dimensions, character, functions, and skills required to lead and manage in today's organizations..

MKT 3143 - Principles of Marketing
A study of the marketing process for identifying a need and selecting target markets; developing a product to satisfy the need; and the distribution, promotion, and pricing of the product.
Prerequisite: ECN 2003 or 2113

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