Degree Requirements

Liberal Arts Online

The new online degree in Liberal Arts from JBU provides you with a flexible path to complete your bachelor’s degree when entering the program with 60 hours of college credit. Each of the online classes is eight weeks in length. After being admitted to JBU, you may begin your program at the start of any term, if the prerequisite(s) for specific courses have been satisfied.  

Students will complete two areas of concentration: psychology of human interaction and civic engagement and social justice.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Arts through JBU's Degree Completion Program you must:

  1. Complete 54 semester hours in the program:
    COM 3453 - Social Movements
    COM 4363 - Political Communication
    COM 4373 - Online Advocacy
    COR 1103 – Orientation to Online Adult Learning
    EGL 4003 – Masterpieces of Literature
    HST 2153 - 20th Century World History
    POL 3003 - Political Philosophy
    POL 3133 - Politics of Social Policy
    PSY 2233 - Theories of Counseling
    PSY 2383 - Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
    PSY 2393 - Research Methods
    PSY 3203 - Psychological Testing
    PSY 3423 - Social Psychology
    PSY 4333 - Cognitive Psychology
    PSY 4343 - Theories of Learning
    PSY 4213 - Abnormal Psychology
    RPH 3003 - Introduction to Philosophy
    RPH 4423 - Ethics

  2. Complete an additional approval college credit (hours outside the program) – 28 hours (these hours should be selected in consultation with your advisor) 

  3. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (4.0 scale) or above for all degree work and 2.25 in the major

  4. Complete the following general education requirements:
    English Composition - 6 hours
    Humanities/Fine Arts - 9 hours*
    Natural Science - 3 hours
    Mathematics - 3 hours
    Natural Science/Math - 3 hours
    Social/Behavioral Science - 9 hours*
    Health/Physical Education - 3 hours
    Biblical Studies - 6 hours**


*8 hours maximum in one discipline

**If you have not had Biblical Studies courses, online options are available at JBU. Talk with your advisor if you need to fulfill this requirement.

Note: The last number in the course number indicates the total credit hour(s) per course