Course Descriptions

Organization Management

Organizational Management

OM 1101 - Orientation to Adult Learning (1 credit hour)*
Introduction to adult learning concepts and program expectations, including the Comprehensive Portfolio

OM 2113 - Organizations, Management and Leadership (3 credit hours)*
Introduction to foundational topics associated with leading people and managing successful organizational processes

OM 2124 - Communication I: Strategies and Tactics for Effective Communication (4 credit hours)
Exploration of effective communication strategies and practices in contemporary organizations

OM 2134 - Communication II: Applied Research and Writing (4 credit hours)*
Essential logic and presentation of research, development of research questions, understanding data sources and data acquisition, reaching sound conclusions, and building strong fact-based conclusions

OM 3213 - Critical Analysis and Reasoning (3 credit hours)
Development of purposeful, unbiased analysis of evidence to arrive at logical and reasonable conclusions

OM 3223 - Christian Faith for Business Leaders (3 credit hours)*
Overview of core Christian values and perspectives with application to the daily life of the practicing manager/leader

OM 3233 - Diversity in Organizations (3 credit hours)*
Application of theoretical constructs (e.e., Hofstede cultural dimensions) to understand the many forms of diversity in contemporary organizations

OM 3243 - Team Processes and Coalition Building (3 credit hours)*
Experiential approach to understand team dynamics and processes with focus on building healthy, sustainable, goal-focused teams

OM 3253 - Current Economic Issues (3 credit hours)
Survey of contemporary economic concepts that are critical to customer satisfaction, effective strategies and organizational success

OM 3263 - Creating Value for Customers and Stakeholders (3 credit hours)*
Understanding the process of creating and articulating value propositions relating to external customers and stakeholders, and then aligning the organization to fulfill those commitments

OM 3273 - Creating Value for Organization Members (3 credit hours)*
Strategic focus on creating sustainable organizations and effective change while developing and caring for people in healthy and meaningful ways

OM 3283 - Entrepreneurial Spirit (3 credit hours)
Exploration of entrepreneurship in the context of business startups and larger organizations

OM 4213 - Organizational Ethics and Values (3 credit hours)*
Study of organizational ethics and values, and how they are developed and promulgated, and their significance to organizational mission and performance

OM 4224 - Contemporary Metrics and Organizational Performance (4 credit hours)*
Survey of financial, operational and other metrics with focus on using information to drive desired performance outcomes

OM 4234 - Designing and Executing Competitive Strategies (4 credit hours)*
Integrative study of competitive analysis, strategic design and implementation and execution of strategies that lead to mission fulfillment

OM 4241 - Comprehensive Portfolio (1 credit hour)*
Documentation of student accomplishment and learning throughout the program

*Course must be taken at JBU

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