Photo: Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Facilitating the Advancement of Learning

The Institute facilitates a comprehensive integrated faculty development program with emphasis on:

  • Integration of faith, learning and living
  • Effective and innovative teaching with emphasis on student learning
  • Classrooms that model "learner-centered environments"
  • Pursuit of scholarship/research
  • Adapting communication to student learning styles
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Higher order thinking
  • Differentiating delivery systems that address unique needs (new faculty, mid-career faculty and senior-level faculty)

The Mission
The mission of Faculty Development is to provide a campus-wide resource that will facilitate the continuation and advancement of learning for all faculty, staff and students at John Brown University.

The Impact
Faculty Development will significantly influence the John Brown University campus community which will impact the Evangelical Christian Church and the broader culture.

Target Audience
Faculty Development will focus learning-based initiatives on meeting the needs of the University faculty and the University staff. Students will be touched and influenced by these targeted efforts.

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