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Chapel Schedule

This semester’s chapel theme is "The Gospel in Action" and will focus on the book of Acts.  Most Tuesdays will feature a university professor or leader who will guide us through a passage, while Thursdays will feature guest speakers who will address a variety of topics.  In addition, this semester’s program will include some special emphases, such as MLK, Jr. Day, Spiritual Renewal Week, Soderquist Center Leadership Week, and Celebration of Academic Excellence.


"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you;

and you will be my witnesses . . ."

Acts 1:8a (NIV)


Chapel services are in the Cathedral of the Ozarks on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m. unless otherwise noted.  Also join us for The Gathering on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. in the Cathedral, and Vespers on selected Tuesdays at 9 p.m. in Jones Recital Hall.

Printable Chapel Calendar


Thursday 1/16 Chapel - Welcome Communion Service, President Chip Pollard (Acts 9)  Event Details
Monday 1/20 Chapel - MLK, Jr. Service: Marcus Carruthers, 10 a.m.  Event Details
Tuesday 1/21 Chapel - Rod Reed (Acts 13-14)  Event Details
Thursday 1/23 Chapel - Brad Edwards  Event Details
Tuesday 1/28 Chapel - Spiritual Renewal Week: Daniel Taylor (Staley Guest)  Event Details
Wednesday 1/29 Chapel - Spiritual Renewal Week: Daniel Taylor (Staley Guest), 5:30 p.m. in Simmons Great Hall  Event Details
Thursday 1/30 Chapel - Spiritual Renewal Week: Daniel Taylor (Staley Guest)  Event Details


Tuesday 2/4 Chapel - Nick Ogle (Acts 15)  Event Details
Thursday 2/6 Chapel - Scott McLean  Event Details
Tuesday 2/11 Chapel - Michael Miller  Event Details
Thursday 2/13 Chapel - Jay Bruce (Acts 16)  Event Details
Tuesday 2/18 Chapel - Rod Reed (Acts 17), Communion  Event Details
Thursday 2/20 Chapel - Tita Evertsz  Event Details
Friday 2/21 Chapel - Family Weekend: President Chip Pollard (Acts 18), 10 a.m.  Event Details
Tuesday 2/25 Chapel - Soderquist Center Leadership Week: Don Soderquist  Event Details
Thursday 2/27 Chapel - Soderquist Center Leadership Week: Gabe Lyons  Event Details


Tuesday 3/4 Chapel - Francis Umesiri (Acts 19)  Event Details
Wednesday 3/5 Ash Wednesday Service, 4 p.m.  Event Details
Thursday 3/6 Chapel - Divisional Chapels (See Event Details for locations.)  Event Details
Tuesday 3/11 Chapel - Rod Reed (Acts 20), Communion  Event Details
Thursday 3/13 Chapel - Jenell Paris  Event Details
Tuesday 3/18 Chapel - Tracy Balzer (Acts 21)  Event Details
Thursday 3/20 Chapel - Darris Sneed  Event Details


Tuesday 4/1 Chapel - Rod Reed (Acts 22)  Event Details
Thursday 4/3 Chapel - Mark Young  Event Details
Tuesday 4/8 Chapel - Jen Edwards (Acts 23-24), Communion  Event Details
Thursday 4/10 Chapel - Q&A with President Chip Pollard  Event Details
Tuesday 4/15 Chapel - Jason Lanker (Acts 25-26)  Event Details
Thursday 4/17 Chapel - Maundy Thursday Service  Event Details
Tuesday 4/22 Chapel - Noah Mitchell (Acts 27)  Event Details
Thursday 4/24 Chapel - Academic Excellence: Donald Balla  Event Details
Tuesday 4/29 Chapel - Rod Reed (Acts 28)  Event Details


Thursday 5/1 Chapel - Senior Commissioning Chapel, Communion  Event Details