Borrowing An Alternative Loan


1. Determine the amount needed.

We strongly encourage students to take out the maximum available in federal student loans before applying for an alternative student loan. Federal loans are less expensive over the life of the loan and have special repayment benefits.  You may contact Gina Pace for information on any remaining federal student aid eligibility.


2. Search for a lender and Apply by clicking HERE.

Follow the link to the website above to search for a lender that best fits your needs, then apply for the loan. JBU uses the Fast Choice  lender list because of the educational nature of the loan selection process its software provides.  A student or family is not required to borrow from a lender on the Fast Choice list and can, instead, complete a loan application with a lender of choice.

3. Contact the Financial Aid Office.

Notify the Financial Aid Office when you have chosen and applied for an alternative loan. Your lender will also be in contact with the Financial Aid Office to obtain certification of the loan. Once the loan is certified, funds will be sent to the school to be applied to your student account. Remember, the Financial Aid Office can certify a loan amount no greater than the cost of education less all other financial aid.


If you have questions regarding your Alternative Loan, please contact the Student Loan Processor at 479.524.7162 or email