Prayer Requests
One of the greatest ways you can support John Brown University is through prayer. Our students, faculty, staff and administration have many needs, and we rely on the prayer of our alumni and friends. Please remember these requests as you pray for John Brown University:

  • Pray for our students, that God's will will be done in their lives during their years at JBU.
  • Pray for the financial needs of the university.


JBU Prayer Network

What is the JBU Prayer Network?

The purpose of the JBU Prayer Network is to create a team of JBU alumni and friends, who will uphold JBU on a daily basis in serious prayer.

What do we pray for? We pray for the JBU family to become a strong witness for Christ. Therefore, we will share specific requests for the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual pursuits of the students, faculty, and staff. We will include chapel speakers, mission trips, Bible Studies, etc. We will also pray for the physical needs of the university, for the departments, and for the plans and vision for the future of JBU.

Usually, there are 7 to 10 prayer requests in a Prayer Network e-mail. Generally, we will not include individual names unless appropriate to the prayer request. Also, we will be careful not to let requests about illnesses and personal issues overwhelm the network.

Who will the requests come from and when will they come? The requests will be gathered by the Prayer Network Committee, who will help to identify the most important prayer needs on campus at that time. The committee will draft the prayer letter and send it to our prayer partners on the first day of the month starting in September and ending in May.

Join the JBU Prayer Network