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Join us Dec. 2, 2014 - Help us help them change the world.


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Giving Updates

1:00 pm CT: $5,562

3:00 pm CT: $8.732

4:00 pm CT: $10,267

5:30 pm CT: $16,922

8:15 pm CT: $18,117

10:00 pm CT: $20,092

Final Total $25,000!!

Plus our matching gift of $25,000 means $50,000 for the JBU Scholarship Fund.

 Jordan Cox - Future Teacher


Jordan Cox, future teacher
Class of 2016

Jordan Cox comes from a family of teachers and experienced first-hand the difference a caring teacher can make. She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a teacher. "I want to have a positive influence on the next generation and JBU will equip me to do that," Jordan said. Her dad taught golf lessons to set aside money for Jordan's college, but she would not be able to attend JBU without scholarships. Jordan graduates in 2016 and will follow her dream. She won't just be a teacher. She will be a world-changer, pouring into the lives of thousands of children over her career.





Dan Holcomb, child advocate
Class of 2001

Dan grew up in Africa, the son of missionaries before attending JBU. In 2002 during a trip to Uganda he was asked to be a spokesperson for an orphanage. In 2005, after a few more trips, Dan started Lahash - a ministry advocating for vulnerable children in East Africa. Based out of Portland, Ore., Dan and his team of 10 staff members help care for 230 children in the churches of South Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania.



Cody Cassel



Cody Cassel, future nurse
Class of 2018

Freshman Cody Cassel is a nursing student from Manado, Indonesia. Annual mission trips in Papau to do hands-on medical and dental procedures have inspired Cassel to pursue a degree in nursing at John Brown University. He acknowledges that the medical field can be difficult, but says, “Seeing the relief and joy in a patient’s eyes as they leave the clinic makes it all worth it.” He wants to work in an emergency room after college, but the mission field is his passion. “I’ve seen the difference those trips can make, and I want to use nursing to be a part of that difference. I really enjoy doing medical work, so now I’m here at JBU learning how to do what I love.”



Rebecca Dye



Rebbeca Dye, future counselor
Graduate Student

Rebecca is working on her master’s in marriage and family therapy after completing her bachelor’s degree in Family and Human Services from John Brown University May in 2013. She is pursuing dual licensure in marriage and family therapy and community counseling. “Jesus said he came for the sick, and as a counselor I want to be able to reach into the lives of the suffering and help them fix their hurt."




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