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Educational & Medical Assistance
Uganda - 2013

JBU students traveled to Uganda last summer to help in area hospitals and schools, drawing blood, giving shots, ministering to the people and teaching in the classes.

“In Kamuli, I taught a class of almost 50 seventh graders and then in Jinja, I co-taught a class of 115 fourth graders! The teaching was fantastic, but getting the chance to know and play and love on the students was the most incredible and worthwhile part.”
– Hannah Hoover





Guatemala Trash Dump

Last spring break, a total of 37 JBU students, staff and faculty traveled to Guatemala. They worked with Iglesia Bautista Cristo Es El Camino, focusing on the people who live and work at the Guatemala City garbage dump.
These people live in settlements (shanty towns) on the outskirts of the dump.

“Some of the people I got to know in Guatemala showed me what it meant to truly find your identity in the Lord. They worked in the Guatemala City trash dump every day and they didn’t define themselves by that. Those people let their love for the Lord define who they are and
they let the love of Christ give them purpose. It was a beautiful thing.”
– Alli Milner





Right Lead
New Life Ranch - 2013

Right Lead uses horsemanship to build mentoring relationships between JBU students and local children.

Student mentors impact children's lives during a two-hour session each week at New Life Ranch. Right Lead is a great opportunity to learn about horses or use previous horse knowledge, but most importantly, to show the love
of Christ.





Serve Siloam

At the beginning of each year, freshman volunteer for community service projects in what is known as “Serve Siloam.” This project shows new JBU students that by coming to JBU, they are not just students at the university,
but they are also part of a larger community.
To see a video of the 2013 Serve Siloam projects,
go to:  http://www.jbu.edu/video/?id=10880







Childcare Ministry
Guatemala 2011

For a full summer, Kimberly worked with Mama Carmen, a Guatemalan woman who runs an orphanage for children who have been abandoned. Most of the children have disabilities or serious medical issues.

Kimberly met Mama Carmen through the JBU Enactus Team, who helped Mama Carmen establish a coffee business. There is now a coffee shop in Fayetteville, Arkansas, called Mama Carmen’s Espresso Café. Proceeds from the coffee shop are used to assist orphans worldwide. 





Operation Christmas Child

For the past three years, JBU students have participated in Operation Christmas Child, a project organized by Samaritan’s Purse.
Students fill shoeboxes with toys, school supplies, toiletry items and small accessories. The shoeboxes are then sent to needy children around the world. Together, JBU students shipped 109 shoeboxes this year.






Clean Water Project
Cotzal, Guatemala

Students from JBU’s Enactus Team, working alongside JBU engineering students, provided clean water to the residents of Cotzal, a remote town in the Western highlands of Guatemala. The water supply in Cotzal is
contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria and has been declared unfit for human consumption.

Students developed marketing and promotion plans to purchase water purification technology. They then traveled to the area to train Cotzal leaders how to run the purification system as a microenterprise. They also built a
building to cover it. This project took over a year to accomplish. To learn more about this project, go to: http://www.jbu.edu/business/blog/?id=11404

“I believe that this water project is more than just a project. One of my favorite memories was during the closing celebration. It was impactful how 3,000 people raised their water bottles and prayed giving thanks to God for the opportunity of having access to purified water.”
– Andrea Morales Rodas





Cornerstone Ministry
Northwest Arkansas

As part of JBU’s Cornerstone Ministry, twelve JBU students volunteered to help build a handicap ramp in a nearby neighborhood. The Cornerstone Ministry has partnered with a local organization that cares for the elderly in the
Siloam Springs area. Through this partnership, the students have received a “needs list,” which included the handicap ramp.

“It is an extensive list, to say the least. The handicap ramp was our first project of the semester and there are plenty to come.”
– Jonathan Jenkins, student leader





Emergency Shelter Design

JBU and World Vision sponsor a national competition to design and build a rapidly deployable shelter proto-type for potential use by aid organizations responding to natural or man-made disasters.

The competition has been hosted on the JBU campus since its initiation two years ago. The 2014 competition scenario is response to the refugee crisis due to the civil war in Syria.

For more information, go to: http://www.jbu.edu/shelter_contest/





Community Food Bank
Thanksgiving 2013

 Last week, JBU’s student-led Community Service Outreach Ministry volunteered to serve Thanksgiving Dinner at Hunger and Thirst Ministries, a local non-profit that provides warm meals for the community throughout
the year.

The students are also planning a Caroling for Cans project in the upcoming weeks to provide for the needy of Siloam Springs during the Christmas holiday.





Child Evangelism Fellowship post
Siloam Springs

Each week, JBU students lead Bible clubs with children in Siloam. Currently, they are sharing the gospel with four different clubs in schools, daycares and homes in the area.

“Each week we get the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with kids by building relationships and sharing the gospel with them. It is amazing to see God work in the lives of the kids as we go back week after week.”
– Mikayla Roberts, student ministry leader





Clean Water Wells Project
Rwanda  - 2013

This year, students took part in 10 Days, a national event
held by Living Water International. For 10 straight days
from Nov. 11 – 20, students drank nothing but water.
Then, they donated the money they would have spent on
coffee, soda and other drinks to provide clean, safe water to the Ruhango district of Rwanda. The total amount raised fromJBU students was $549.33.



Jail Ministry
Northwest Arkansas

"I became involved with Jail Ministry my freshman
year at JBU. My initial perception of inmates before
going into the jail cell was similar to many stereotypes
that society has; that inmates are soulless and emotionless vessels that have no positive future and will always remain behind bars. However, experience tells otherwise. I’ve seen firsthand that inmates are people who have made poor decisions. They struggle with some of the same things that I struggle
with, and yearn for truth just as much as I do.

As I reminisce on my experiences in the jail, I’ve concluded that we as Christians are all told to give back in some fashion. To give a gift, whether it is in the form
of time, money, or a material asset, requires us to give something of value to another. Just as Christ came to
serve and not to be served, so are we to serve others.

Sometimes the smallest acts make the greatest difference."
- Nicholas Kopp


JBU Giving Tuesday


Nursing Home Ministry
Siloam Springs

JBU students visit residents at the Siloam Springs Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center twice a week. Students develop deep friendships with the residents, who in many cases, long for companionship with the younger generation. No community is healthy in complete isolation.

"There is no reason the elderly should be isolated
from the rest of the community, and I think that nursing
home ministry is the perfect opportunity to bridge that
gap and lessen the degree of isolation that society
has created between the infirm and everyone else.”
- Kate Holderness





Athletic Camps and Orphan Ministry
Philippines - 2013

This summer, the women's basketball squad took
their basketball shoes, practice jerseys and
talents on a 30-hour trek across the Pacific Ocean to
reach out to aspiring female basketball players
in the Philippines.
Upon arrival, the ladies
partnered with Buhay Sports, a local organization
whose charter is to spread the word of Christ to the
Filipino people through the sport of basketball,
to conduct a week-long camp
for girls aged 10-19 while staying
at the Jazz Home, a local orphanage...
read the story >>


Disaster Relief
New Orleans - 2013

Every year since 2005, JBU student teams have traveled
to New Orleans during their Spring Break to help the Louisiana community in their continued efforts to rebuild their homes and their lives after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. JBU students help any way they can, from home repair/construction to prayer walks and outreach ministries to meal preparation.



John Brown University Giving Tuesday



Volleyball Team Gives Back
Creve, Haiti  - 2013

This summer, the JBU volleyball team embarked on
a missions trip to the small Caribbean country of Haiti to
lead a vacation bible school for over 1,900 children in
addition to...read the story >>