Course Descriptions

JBU's Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in TESOL requires 36 hours of coursework, which includes 24 hours of Curriculum & Instruction core coursework and 12 hours of TESOL coursework.  The courses are listed below.  Descriptions for all courses will be provided at a later time. 


Curriculum & Instruction Core

ED 7033 - Christian Foundations and Instructional Facilitation (Three credit hours)

ED 7233 - Human Development (Three credit hours)

ED 7353 - Human Intellect and the Brain (Three credit hours)

ED7513 - Action Research and Data Analysis for School and Classroom Use (Three credit hours)

ED7733 - Differentiated Learning (Three credit hours)

ED 7933 - Organizational Dynamics and Change (Three credit hours)


TESOL Concentration

ED 8353 - Second Language Acquisition (Three credit hours)

ED 8553 - Educational Assessment (Three credit hours)

ED 8533 - Curriculum and Instruction (Three credit hours)

ED 8533 - Intercultural Communications (Three credit hours)

ED 8633 - Linguistics (Three credit hours)

ED 8813 - Action Research Practicum (Three credit hours)