Dr. Calvin Piston

Dr. Calvin Piston

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Professor of Mathematics

Ph.D., University of Arkansas

M.A., University of California at Davis

B.A., University of California at Davis


Dr. Calvin Piston, Professor of Mathematics, began teaching at John Brown University in 1982. His courses have included Math Structures, Calculus, as well as various other upper level math courses.

To Dr. Piston math is more than just numbers and formulas. Dr. Piston likes students to look at math in unconventional contexts such as art and language. Dr. Piston desires to reveal to students the hand of the Creator in mathematics, "One of the "aha" situations one experiences in mathematics is the appearance of a single mathematical entity in a variety of seemingly unrelated areas. In mathematics, I see beauty that shouts out praise to God."

Had Dr. Piston not become a mathematics professor the application of mathematical principals and glorifying God would still have been the basis of his career. Dr. Piston says he would have been involved in the study and practice of language because of its mathematical nature and the appeal of being able to communicate the love of God to others.

Dr. Piston has previously served in the capacity as faculty development director, and also as a division chair of the Natural Science Division.  Dr. Piston currently holds the position of Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, helping the institution to make better decisions based on data.