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Taj MahalThe Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) is a higher education association of more than 150 intentionally Christ-centered institutions around the world. In addition to 101 member campuses in North America, 53 affiliate campuses from 18 countries are part of the CCCU. The Council's mission is to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education and to help its institutions transform lives by faithfully relating scholarship and service to biblical truth.

The CCCU's Best Semester program offers study abroad programs in the US and across the world. Students get the chance to study and learn with like-minded Christians from colleges across the United States, while exploring countries around the world. Detailed information on each program can be found on the BestSemester website.


Domestic Programs

International Programs


Los Angeles: Film Studies Center

LA Film Studies

If you are a passionate filmmaker, the Los Angeles Film Studies Center can give you the skills, resources and community to let your passion grow. For more information, check out LA Film Studies Center.

Cost: About $16,800 plus meals and transportation

Emphasis: Film classes and experience; internship at film studio

Housing: Live in gated apartments in the center of LA

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Nashville: Contemporary Music Center

Nashville Music ProgramThe Contemporary Music Program is committed to developing artists and future music executives with a Christ-centered vision for music content, production and delivery. For more information, check out Contemporary Music Center.

Cost: About $16,200 plus all food

Emphasis: Songwriting, recording, business of music classes

Housing: Live in apartment complex across the street from the Music Center

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Washington, DC: American Studies Program

Washington DC American Studies ProgramThe American Studies Program (ASP) is an intensive semester during which students explore current national and international issues in public policy seminars. For more information, check out American Studies Program.

Cost: About $14,800 plus food and transportation

Emphasis: Internship for leadership in political and ethical issues at government or think tank

Housing: Housed in CCCU building on Capitol Hill

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Washington, DC: Journalism Center

Washington DC JounalismThe Washington Journalism Center is an advanced, experiential semester on Capitol Hill that will cultivate professional news skills. For more information, check out Washington Journalism Center.

Cost: About $14,800 plus food and transportation

Emphasis: Internship at top journalism/newspaper institution

Housing: Housed in CCCU building on Capitol Hill

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Australia Studies Centre

Australia Studies CentreChristian Heritage College, ASC's new host beginning in spring 2014, allows students to study visual arts, drawing, theater, dance, and ethnic music, as well as youth ministry and theology. For more information, check out Australia Studies Centre.

Cost: About $18,000 plus Australia visa

Host: Christian Heritage College

Emphasis: Australian studies required; other courses as desired

Housing: Live with Australian families in Brisbane

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China Studies Program

China Studies ProgramExplore the richness of China through the unique living/learning experience of the China Studies Program (CSP). For more information, check out China Studies Program.

Cost: About $16,200

Host: Xiamen University

Emphasis: China studies required; business courses and internship offered

Housing: Live in dorms or stay in hotels when traveling

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Costa Rica: Latin American Studies Program

Costa Rica Latin American StudiesTravel to Costa Rica, live with a Costa Rican family, and get completely immersed in the language, culture, politics, history, economics, ecology and religion of the region. For more information, check out Latin American Studies.

Cost: About $14,600

Emphasis: Latin American and Spanish language studies; also concentration in business, science, or literature

Housing: Stay with local families, or in hotels/dorms while traveling

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India Studies Program

India Studies ProgramThe India Program partners with the Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Sciences to offer a high quality, Christ-centered education. For more information, check out India Studies Program.

Cost: About $15,300

Host: Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Sciences

Emphasis: Indian studies; many other courses available, including fine arts, social work, business, and literature

Housing: Housing unit near the university

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Middle East Studies Program

Middle East Studies ProgramThe Middle East Studies Program (MESP) allows you to explore Middle Eastern cultures, religions, and conflicts from within this diverse and strategic region of the world. Learn to relate to the Muslim world in an informed and constructive manner. For more information, check out Middle East Studies Program.

Cost: About $15,500 plus some meals

Emphasis: Arabic, Islamic studies, history of the Middle East

Housing: Homestays with local Muslim families

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Oxford Summer Programme

Oxford Summer ProgrammeThe Oxford Summer Program, CCCU's only summer program, is an academically rigorous research and writing-based program. For more information, check out Oxford Summer Programme.

Cost: About $6,300 plus some food

Host: Oxford University

Emphasis: Tutorials in British studies, as well as other topics as interested

Housing: Live in Wycliffe Hall dormitories

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Oxford Honours Programme

Oxford Scholars' SemesterHonors students have the unique opportunity to take a semester at Oxford University. Come to England and participate in this rigorous academic program, aimed at increasing critical thinking skills and scholarship.For more information, check out Oxford Honours Programme.

Cost: about $18,200 plus most food

Host: Oxford University

Emphasis: Rigorous tutorials in British studies and other topics

Housing: Live in university dormitories

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Uganda Studies Program

Uganda Studies ProgramStudy and serve at Uganda Christian University. Travel and participate in ministry and service projects. For more information, check out Uganda Studies Program.

Cost: About $13,200

Host: Uganda Christian University

Emphasis: Social work practicum

Housing: Homestays in urban and rural environments, and dorm living

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