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Do you want to use your summers to earn college credit while traveling to the ends of the earth? Does working at an archaeological dig in Jordan or biking around the Irish countryside sound like a perfect experience to you? Are you an engineering or education major with very little flexibility during the school year, but with spare time over the summer? Do you want to be challenged and pushed outside of your comfort zone as you work with a team of fellow students from JBU? Do you want the experience of a lifetime at a fraction of the cost? If the answer to any of the above is “yes,” then check out JBU’s summer education programs!

John Brown University operates several summer study programs that are taught and led by JBU professors. These programs run over four to six weeks, and students earn between six and nine hours of college credit. Some programs offer major-specific credits, while others offer both core and elective credits. Check out the programs offered below, or stop by the International Office if you’re interested in other programs that are offered.

Application for Summer Education Programs

Undergraduate Programs

* Some programs may not be offered every year. Check with the International Office for details.

Graduate Studies Programs

NOTE: It's always best to check with your advisor and the designated campus contact for the program you are interested in, BEFORE you apply. They can help you work out details like credit transfer and financial aid.