Irish Studies Program

Irish Studies GroupIrish Studies is a six-week, nine credit hour program designed for all majors. We'll travel around the island and visit sites connected to our studies as well as some of the most beautiful tourist locations. We'll visit Stormont, Northern Ireland's parliament, and chat with members face to face. We'll visit spots where great Irish authors, such as W.B. Yeats, penned some of their greatest works. We'll pray together in Saul, the site of St. Patrick's first church in Ireland. We'll enjoy Irish culture, great fish & chips, Irish stew, and of course the best cup of tea you'll find in the world! 

This year, as a special addition, we will engage in purposeful and directed healthy lifestyle choices through our “Wellness: Ireland” course.  We hope to experience and explore Ireland in a way that has never been offered before—through physical activity such as walking, jogging, cycling, bouldering, and camping. We will combine these activities with learning about holistic wellness, especially the interrelatedness between physical, mental social, emotional, and spiritual health. Ireland is known for its promotional emphasis on wellness and fitness, particularly in the area of walking. They have several walking festivals throughout the year, and hundreds of walking trails to explore.  We are excited to enjoy this kind of connection with the Irish culture, her people, and each other. 


General Information

Dates: May 25-July 3, 2014

Cost: $5400

Team Size: 20

Professors: Melissa Stevenson, Haden Wilson, Jennifer Niles, Frank Niles

Location: Lakeside Manor, Belfast, and all over the island of Ireland



Courses Offered (choose 3):

  • BBL 4043 Irish Perspectives on Christian Life (transfers in as BBL 4003 core)
  • EGL 4043 Masterpieces of Irish Literature (transfers in as EGL 4003 core)
  • KIN 1002 Wellness & KIN 1011 Wellness Activity  (transfers in as wellness core)
  • POL 3003 Political Philosophy (transfers in as philosophy core)


How to Apply:

1. Read the JBU International Travel Policy, which lists the forms and documentation needed to study abroad and provides a general overview of payment methods.
2. Fill out the Application for Summer Education Programs.
3. Return the application and all documentation to International Programs Office.

The studies team leaders review all applications and will communicate with applicants accordingly.


For More Information, contact:

Melissa Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University