Quito Studies Program

View of QuitoThe trip to Quito, Ecuador is a unique study-abroad and mission trip. Designed for ministry students, this trip provides the opportunity to engage in the fields of youth or outdoor leadership through a practical and cross-cultural experience. The team will be working with Living and Learning Ministries, which is the educational division of Youth World. Youth World, an international youth organization, and JBU have a longstanding partnership. Youth World has both the program and facilities to make this study trip exceptional. Through this trip, students will learn essential ministry practices that are useful for youth and outdoor leadership work in a Central and South American context.


General Information

Dates: May 31 - June 30, 2014

Cost: $3975

Team Size: TBD

Professors: Jason Lanker

Location: Quito, Ecuador



Courses Offered (5 credits):

CMN 2463 Adolescent Culture- 3 hours
An examination of adolescence from a holistic developmental perspective, studying intellectual, emotional, social, vocational, psychological, and spiritual growth. Students are given opportunity to analyze and interpret American youth culture for the purpose of understanding and ministering to adolescents. Students gain insight into recognizing, evaluating, and counteracting the effects of culture upon youth's self-perception, worldview, and understanding of God. An additional fee associated with this course. Prerequisite: PSY 1013 or CMN 1213.
BBL 4002 Capstone Seminar in Christian Life- 2hours
A senior capstone course of the Core Curriculum designed to encourage critical and reflective thought about Christian formation. The Core Curriculum’s role in the student’s spiritual formation is considered and assessed. Prerequisites: BBL 1013, 1023, 3003, EGL 1023, and junior standing or consent of instructor.

Meets core Global Studies requirement


How to Apply:

1. Read the JBU International Travel Policy, which lists the forms and documentation needed to study abroad and provides a general overview of payment methods.
2. Fill out the Application for Summer Education Programs.
3. Return the application and all documentation to International Programs Office.

The studies team leaders review all applications and will communicate with applicants accordingly.


For More Information, contact:

Jason Lanker
Assistant Professor of Youth Ministries
John Brown University

Melissa Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University