Core Values

Our Christian faith. We are a Christian community, driven to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, to make disciples, and to help them grow in a personal relationship to God. We train Christian professionals to be evangelists within their professions, not simply to earn an income.

We serve students. Students are why we are at JBU, and we want to be actively involved in their lives beyond the classroom. We may have other responsibilities, but our students are our central focus.

We are a family group. Our relationships, both faculty and student, go beyond the office and the classroom. It is our desire to support each other…to encourage, to build each other up, to bear one another's burdens, and to hold each other accountable as brothers and sisters.

We are here to grow. Growth can be painful, but whether it is in our faith or in our profession, growth is a part of life. We are "growth guides," which requires that we provide both challenge and support, and that we, as faculty and mentors, accept the ongoing challenges of growth in our own lives.

We have high expectations. Our desire is to elevate students to their highest levels of achievement. We want our students to want this for themselves. We may ask for a lot, but we are also willing to give our best effort in return for that of our students.

We train leaders. A leader is not necessarily a CEO or a president. A leader is someone who makes a difference in his or her world…someone who has an impact on the lives of others. Christians are to lead others who in turn lead others who in turn lead others….

Head, heart, and hand. We believe in the JBU tradition of holistically preparing the head (intellectual training), the heart (a love for God and mankind), and the hand (practical capabilities). Toward that end, we use a variety of classroom experiences to challenge and equip our students.

Unity among diversity. The body has many different parts but is one whole. The campus body is also quite diverse…in abilities, backgrounds, values, personalities, goals, and much more. In spite of that, we struggle for common identity and purpose. This requires respect, patience, forgiveness, understanding, courtesy, and love…agape love.