Missionary In Residence

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Every year, JBU has the opportunity to host a different missionary couple. These men and women take a year from their usual mission field and come serve right here on campus! Their primary purpose is to advocate missions at JBU. They assist with missions opportunities, such as World Awareness Week and also play a critical role helping Missionary Kids adapt to life in the US.

Missionary in Residence

Gabe and Andrea Williams

Williams Family

Gabe and Andrea both grew up overseas as Missionary Kids.  Gabe grew up in Costa Rica, where his parents worked on translating the Bible into a tribal language with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Andrea grew up in Kenya, East Africa where her parents served with Africa Inland Mission in several different capacities.  Gabe and Andrea met as students at JBU, and married several years after graduation.  They have been serving with New Hope Uganda at the Kasana Children’s Center since 2008.  Gabe’s primary role is the construction manager and Andrea works with a team on the children’s Spiritual Development program.  Gabe and Andrea also feel privileged to mentor and build relationships with several of the New Hope children who don’t have parents.

The Williams are happy to be able to open their hearts and home to the JBU MK community, and provide encouragement and support to our missionary kids. They will also provide a “missions awareness” for all of us here at JBU.