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Illustration ClassFigure Drawing II class in session during a musical drawing lab.

For art and illustration major Kate Williams, raising money to help Japan’s tsunami victims meant doing what she loves most — painting. “When we heard what happened, we decided to raise money by selling our art,” Kate says. “That is what I love about JBU’s art and illustration program. The professors encourage us to not only be ourselves in our art projects, but to serve others with our talents.”

John Brown University’s art and illustration program began with the objective of providing a quality art major that included traditional drawing and painting techniques as well as training for entering the commercial illustration field. Classes emphasize conceptual creativity, traditional fine art and illustration, and modern computer graphic techniques. Courses include drawing, color studies, art history, figure drawing, digital illustration, oil painting, printmaking, screenprinting, 3D modeling and animation, and advanced illustration.

Students have the choice of pursuing a digital art concentration, a fine art concentration or an illustration concentration. All of these allow students to create artwork in traditional and digital media, with an emphasis on combining old and new mediums into new art forms.

Students develop a strong foundation of understanding typography, layout, print, drawing and web design. This gives students the advantage of experience applicable to a variety of careers.Drawing Class

“What stands out are the professors,” Kate says. “They really care about students individually. The classes are small but intense, and each professor is passionate about both teaching and creating art.”

Prof. Armstrong teaches Drawing I


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