Cool Facts

Art & Illustration students make awesome digital art, fine art and illustrations, and build a portfolio while in school:

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student work









Art & Illustration Fine Art senior Katelyn Banks installed a cut paper exhibit in the Student Gallery for her senior show, "Stream of Consciousness."

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Digital Art & Illustration professor Peter Pohle makes amazing oil paintings and digital artwork:

Peter Pohle





















Art & Illustrator professor Joel Armstrong draws with wire:

Joel Armstrong



In the summer of 2013, seven students took a four-week summer studies trip to Berlin with Professor Pohle, a Berlin native, to learn plein air oil painting and sketchbook journal drawing.

Art & Illustration students have even more international opportunities, like other Summer Studies trips and the European Art Tour. 

2013 Summer Studies Berlin

Art & Illustration students have access to two art buildings, including drawing and painting studios and illustration classrooms.

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Art East Drawing Classroom

Art East Illustration Classroom

Art & Illustration students can join the Visual Art Foundry, the student-led art club.

The Visual Art Foundry sub-club of illustrators, Sketchy, hosts a fun weekly critique. The VAF also plans other events and workshops to connect art students while enriching their art education experience.

Visual Art Foundry Illustrators

Art & Illustration students hear lectures, receive demonstrations and learn new techniques from guest artists.

Linda Palmer, colored pencil artist of the exhibit "Champion Trees of Arkansas," spoke to Prof. Armstrong's Drawing I class about her work.

Linda Palmer, colored pencil artist

Art & Illustration students prepare and display work for the student art show and competition.

The 2013 Student Works exhibit in the Art Gallery.

2013 Student Works Show

JBU Visual Art

The Visual Arts Department is the fastest-growing department at JBU.

Art & Illustration students get to be part of it.