Biblical and Theological Studies

Great Careers

Graduating students have a wide range of possible career choices, including (but not limited to):

  • Graduate school - Many students choose to go to graduate school as a way of building on a specific area of academic interest.
  • Seminary - Many graduates also decide to pursue a seminary degree.
  • Camp Counselor/Director - Camps look for individuals who can think through problematic situations, minister to others and provide guidance.
  • Ministry Director - As a Biblical and Theological Studies major, students learn to approach problems from a variety of angles, research answers and clearly state their position, all strengths needed in a leadership position.
  • Non-profit organizational/social work - Many JBU graduates choose to work in non-profit organizations both overseas and nationally. Many organizations seek people who can write well, articulate their point and communicate clearly, which are all aspects of being a biblical and theological studies student.
  • Writers - Many strong writers are able to write from a historical and cultural point of view, summarize events, present ideas clearly and research their answers thoroughly. These are all aspects of majoring in biblical and theological studies.