Great Careers

JBU Digital Cinema Graduates:

We are proud of Derek Smith, a JBU digital cinema graduate. Derek (on the left) received two Video Effects Society Awards in Hollywood for his work on the TV show CSI.

Derek Smith Awards


Possible Digital Cinema Fields:

  • Cinematographer – The cinematographer tells stories through the visual arts with creativity in organizing camera angles and shots.
  • Film/Commercial Editor –  Editors are a part of the post production of digital media art. Editors assemble the footage into a sequence that tells a story. Editors are employed to construct commercials, promotional videos, full-length movies and many other video projects in between.
  • Screenwriter – A screenwriter constructs an entire screenplay on paper before a camera is even set up to capture it. This position requires a creative and strategic mind in order to communicate to the director what shots to arrange or how to creatively tell a story.
  • Television Production – In the world of TV production, the opportunities range from being a news camera operator to writing a TV series script to working in the post production for sports games. If you’re interested in a fast-paced work environment, TV production is full of opportunities to apply your skillset.
  • Animation Studios – Animators are constantly constructing images for film, television, video games and the internet for diverse clients and needs. Animators must be flexible, skilled and creative in order to meet a variety of needs while maintaining originality in their work.
  • Advertising Agencies ­– Countless businesses are anxious to get the word out about their products and services, and each one of those businesses is different. There are plenty of opportunities to develop brands and labels at advertising agencies for increases in consumer awareness and sales.