JBU offers several scholarships specifically for Engineering students. For information on these and other financial aid opportunities, please contact Kim Eldridge in Financial Aid:

  • Kim Eldridge, Associate VP of Admissions & Financial Aid
  • 479.524.7424



Potential employers like to see that graduates have gained practical experience through internships. JBU encourages internships at all stages of an Engineering student's undergraduate experience.

Many internship opportunities come from companies who have successfully hired JBU graduates in the past and have contacted our department in pursuit of new candidates. Networking with fellow students, alumni and personal contacts ensures that our students are provided with a broad base of internship opportunities.


Undergraduate Research

Multiple undergraduate research opportunities exist for Engineering students during their undergraduate studies at JBU. Some research is integral to course requirements, but externally funded research opportunities are also available to students.

Current activities include funding by the National Science Foundation, Arkansas Department of Higher Education and the Environment Protection Agency. Senior design projects often provide some industrial research elements funded by industrial sponsors.


Institute for Biblical Community Development

The mission of the Institute for Biblical Community Development (IBCD) is to extend the basic blessings that God has intended for all of his children to the 90 percent of the world's population who lack provisions such as clean water, food, energy, shelter, and health and hygiene.

IBCD offers training in many underdeveloped and developing countries in Holistic Community Development. We train local missionaries using technologies that are appropriate to specific social, economic and environmental contexts in a variety of development areas including:

  • Water Resource Development
  • Agricultural Development
  • Renewable Energy Development
  • Sanitation
  • Health and Hygiene

To find out more, please visit the IBCD website.


Graduate School

JBU's Engineering program provides an excellent foundation for future graduate-level specialization. Each year, our department receives multiple requests from graduate schools familiar with the quality of our graduates, as they seek to recruit promising new students.

From Virginia and Mexico, to Saudi Arabia, JBU graduates have gone on to continued success in graduate-level Engineering programs across the world:

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Monterrey Tech

Rice University

University of Arkansas

University of Michigan

University of Tulsa

Virginia Tech


Career Resources

The Career Development Center (CDC) is available on campus to equip Engineering students with quality programs, resources and services for making wise decisions concerning their academic and professional lives. The center is located in the Walker Student Center where it assists students with writing resumes, preparing for interviews and connecting with JBU alumni.

For more information, please visit the Career Development Center online, or contact Chris Confer:

Chris Confer, Director of Career Development