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Pursuing Excellence

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(Above: Larry Bland, Division Chair, presenting Zach Lee with his Scholarship)

John Brown University sophomore Zach Lee has been recognized by IEEE Power and Energy Society Scholarship Plus Initiative. The Initiative nationally recognizes undergraduate students who have declared a major in engineering, are high achievers with strong GPAs with distinctive extracurricular commitments and are committed to exploring the power and energy field. Zach will receive scholarship funds for up to three years as well as opportunities for internships and co-ops within the power and energy industry. IEEE ( is the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology.

NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition











(Above: JBU Engineering students, 2012)











(Above: JBU Engineering students receiving their awards, 2013)

Several JBU Engineering students "Eaglenauts" compete each year in the annual NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition at Kennedy Space Center. Once again JBU was represented well by the 2013 Lunabotics team at NASA’s fourth annual Lunabotics Competition held at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In 2012, our team placed fourth overall. They brought home second in the "Systems Engineering Paper" category, third in the "Outreach Award" category, and fourth in the "Lunar Dirt Mining" category. In 2013, our team brought home awards for second in “Oral Presentation” and third in “Systems Engineering Paper” categories. 50 teams from all over the world participated in 2013 mining competition.

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Space Grant Consortium












Audrey Dearien, Brian Plank and Zack Huffaker, represented JBU's Eaglenaut Aerospace Club at the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium event in Hot Springs, Ark. They gave a presentation about what the club is involved in and discussed projects for the future. They spoke about the rocket launch competition, being held on April 25, which includes the launching of two model rockets designed by Bentonville High School and some JBU freshmen, which will carry a payload containing sensors that will communicate to a control panel. The students were also able to listen to other students' presentations, including the JBU seniors who are participating in the NASA Robotics Mining Competition. The keynote speaker for the event was astronaut Duane Carey, who spoke about his mission to the Hubble Telescope and described how they maneuvered to it while orbiting Earth. The trip was a fun and educational experience for all the students who went and they enjoyed their time representing JBU.

Graduate School

JBU's Engineering program provides an excellent foundation for future graduate-level specialization. Each year, our department receives multiple requests from graduate schools familiar with the quality of our graduates, as they seek to recruit promising new students.

From Virginia and Mexico, to Saudi Arabia, JBU graduates have gone on to continued success in graduate-level Engineering programs across the world:

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Monterrey Tech

Rice University

University of Arkansas

University of Michigan

University of Tulsa

Virginia Tech