Cool Facts

There is a high demand for English education majors throughout the United States and overseas!JBU Education

Students are given many opportunities to send and present papers to national and state writing conventions.

Education students can go overseas to teach on mission trips during the spring and summer.

Renowned authors, poets and songwriters hold creative workshops for students during Giving Voice: A Festival of Writing and the Arts. This is a great opportunity to get critiques on personal creative writing, research papers or ask questions about the field of writing, editing and publishing.

Model classrooms, all available on campus, allow students to visualize and practice teaching skills in class! Click on the gallery below to see the classrooms JBU students practice their teaching skills:






Gain valuable work and editorial experience by working in the Writing Center. Students working in the Writing Center help other students brainstorm topic ideas, edit papers, fix grammatical errors and polish up their research papers.

Students learn about editorial work, magazine layout and publishing by working on a literary magazine.

Work as a teaching assistant at the Summer Language Institute in Lithuania.