Family & Human Services

Great Careers




Chelsea Estep '12

Children's Case Manager - Kansas
"I would not be where I am today if not for my experience at JBU. The professors' passion for the helping profession inspired my own passion for the field. JBU also taught me to be a competent worker, both in the field and in the classroom. I would not change my experience at JBU for anything!"




Mallory Williams '10

"John Brown University prepared me to take on the work load of a master's program. The professors within the Family and Human Services program made sure to graduate students with confidence and competence to go out and help in this world. JBU gave me the ability to grow in a safe environment and create a home for 2 1/2  years."


Students majoring in family and human have a variety of career opportunities upon graduation (Not an  exhaustive list).

  • Case management - for both profit and nonprofit organizations, daycare providers, half-way homes, youth/adult/senior citizen's programs or group homes.
  • Research and evaluation - for community centers, hospitals, adoption agencies, rehabilitation centers or camp programs.
  • Writing, editing or researching- for organizations focused on children and family (book publishers, radio/TV stations, nonprofit organizations, newspapers, magazines or manufacturers).
  • Social Services - for federal, state and local government agencies.
  • Program advocate/coordination/evaluation - for childcare programs, health and wellness agencies, women's protective agencies.
  • Teaching and administration - for religious organizations, daycare centers (private or public), extended school programs, private homes, family daycare.
  • Case worker - for adoption agencies.
  • Graduate school - Many graduates choose to go on a get their master's in a particular field of interest.
  • Department of Human Services in many states look for graduates who have specialized in a degree for social work with children and families.