Course Requirements

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Sample Four-Year Plan

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with major in International Business sample plan (based on starting in an even year)

International Business 4 Year Plan

First Year Fall
COR 1002 Gateway Seminar
BBL 1013 Old Testament Survey
EGL 1013 English I
ATG 2173 Principles of Financial Atg
BIO  1003  Biological Science
KIN  1021-91  Wellness Activity
Total Hours  15

First Year Spring
BBL 1023 New Testament Survey
EGL 1023 English II
ATG 2183 Principles of Managerial Atg
GSC 1023 Physical Science
KIN 1002/1012 Wellness

Total Hours  14

Second Year Fall
ECN 2113  Principles of Microeconomics
INT  2183  International Management
POL 2113  American Government
HST 1013  Western Civilization I
BUS 2153  Financial Math
        xxx3  Minor/Elective
Total Hours  18

Second Year Spring
ECN 2123  Principles of Macroeconomics
BUS 2113  Financial Spreadsheet Applications
BUS 2193  Business Statistics
HST 1023  Western Civilization II
         xxx3 Minor/Elective

Total Hours  15

Third Year Fall
BUS 4143  Business Law
RPH 3003  Introduction to Philosophy
        xxx3  Interdisciplinary Studies Elective*
        xxx3  Minor/Elective
        xxx3  Minor/Elective

Total Hours  15

Third Year Spring
BUS 3153 Applied Business Ethics
INT  3153  International Marketing
BBL 3003  Evangelical Theology
BBL 3583  Perspectives
        xxx3  Interdisciplinary Studies Elective*
        xxx3  Minor/Elective
Total Hours    18

Fourth Year Fall
BUS 3993 Internship
BUS 4993 Strategic Management
ECN 4103 International Economics
BUS 4173 Business Finance
        xxx3 Minor/Elective
Total Hours  15
Fourth Year Spring
INT 3173 International Finance
EGL 4003 Masterpieces of Literature
BBL 4002 Capstone Seminar in Christian Life
        xxx3  Art Core
        xxx3  Minor/Elective
Total Hours    14

*Or 6 hours approved study abroad instead of 6 hours interdisciplinary studies

Minimum Total Hours for Four Years: 124
† The order of alternate year courses will differ depending on whether a student begins his/her studies at JBU in an even or an odd year.