Course Requirements

For specific course requirements and detailed class descriptions, visit the current JBU Catalog.

Sample Four-Year Plan

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Communication with emphasis in Digital Journalism 

First Year Fall (Odd Year)

BBL   1013  Old Testament Survey
COM  1133  Mass Communication and Society
COM  2123  News Writing and Reporting I
COR  1002  Gateway Seminar
EGL   1013  English I: Composition
KIN    1002  Wellness
                    Total Hours    16

First Year Spring (Even Year)

ART   2403  Introduction to Photography
COM  2523  Public Speaking
EGL   1023  English II
HST   1013  Western Civilization I
3 hours        Minor/Elective
                    Total Hours    15
Second Year Fall (Even Year)

ART  1123  Computer Graphics
BBL  1023  New Testament Survey
COM 1163  Communication Technologies
HST  1023  Western Civilization II
KIN   10_1  Wellness Activity
3 hours      Life Science Elective
                  Total Hours    16
Second Year Spring (Odd Year)

COM  1153  Intro to Video and Audio Production
COM  2333  Editing
COM  3463  Online Editorial Journalism
POL   2013  American Government
3 hours        Digital Journalism Supporting Course
                    Total Hours    16

Third Year Fall (Odd Year)

COM  2353  Public Relations Writing and Technology
1 hour         Journalism Practicum Elective
3 hours       Global Studies Core Elective
3 hours       Minor/Elective
3 hours       Minor/Elective
3 hours       Physical Science Elective
                   Total Hours    16

Third Year Spring (Even Year)

COM  2433  Diversity and Media Issues 
COM  3153  Advanced Digital Reporting
COM  4323  Advertising
1 hour         Journalism Practicum Elective
3 hours       Philosophy Elective       
3 hours       Social Science Elective
                   Total Hours 16

Fourth Year Fall (Odd Year)

BBL  3003  Evangelical Theology
COM 3363  Magazine Writing
COM 4473  Internship in Journalism
1 hour        Journalism Practicum Elective
3 hours      Arts Elective
3 hours      Minor/Elective
                   Total Hours    17

Fourth Year Spring (Odd Year)

BBL  4002  Capstone Seminar in Christian Life
COM 4293  Communication Law and Ethics
EGL  4003  Masterpieces of Literature
1 hour         Journalism Practicum Elective
3 hours       Mathematics Elective
3 hours       Minor/Elective
                    Total Hours    15

 Total Hours for Four Years: 125