Great Careers

See what alumni are saying about their mathematics degree from JBU!

Heather Morseman '11 - Highschool Mathematics Teacher
"The math department at JBU did an excellent job at not only teaching me the concepts and mechanics of college level math, but also the deep connections within the math topics. With the education I received, I feel that I can teach students in a way that not only helps them be successful in their current math subject, but also helps prepare them for their future math classes. After graduating, I feel that I have become a much better student of mathematics and have a much deeper appreciation for all it has to show and teach me. I am very thankful for the education that I received at JBU and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!"



Graduates from the Department of Mathematics have entered various fields including:

  • Secondary and Middle School Math teachers - This typically requires more training, but teachers are in great demand ... especially overseas!
  • University professors - Many graduates choose to get advanced degrees in mathematics and teach at a collegiate level.
  • Actuary - These professionals take mathematics and science and apply them to finance and insurance.
  • Financial Analyst - Attention to detail and the ability to think critically are all part of financial analysis and is exactly what mathematics majors learn at JBU.
  • Computer Science - Mathematics are great in this field because it requires logical and precise thinking while applying information and computation to computer systems.
  • Small Business Operator - Businesses need people who can work with complex numbers and systems, and math majors are perfect candidates for this.
  • Financial Mathematics - These professionals study the way in which businesses, organizations and individuals use their resources. Stock market analysis, mortgage backing and financial derivatives are just some ways in which mathematics majors can apply their knowledge to financial mathematics.
  • Climate Analyst - Studying and predicting long-term changes in global weather requires critical thinking, numerical study and other skills that math majors learn.
  • Forensic Analyst - These people collect and analyze data from crime scenes. This requires skills that math majors learn like researching, critical thinking, attention to detail and deductive reasoning.
  • Cryptography - This profession uses mathematical algorithms for network security. A background in mathematics is highly desired for this type of work.
  • Statistics - Government agencies, private organizations and corporations need people who can analyze, collect, classify and make inferences from data. Training in mathematics is highly desired for these types of careers.