Dr. Don Siemens

Dr. Don Siemens

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, John Brown University

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

M.A.T., Southeast Missouri State University

M.A., Southeast Missouri State University

B.S., John Brown University


Dr. Don Siemens, alumni of John Brown University, returned to the university to take the position of Professor of Mathematics in 1984. Dr. Siemens interacts with a majority of JBU students through the core curriculum, Quantitative Literacy and Physical Science courses. His schedule also includes Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Survey of Calculus, and Statistics with Computer Applications.

Currently, Dr. Siemens is conducting research around the effects of Developmental Algebra on retention and grade point average. In this study Siemens will determine if students' views of their potential in mathematics can be changed, and if this affects their overall academic performance.

Dr. Siemens is especially interested in helping students grasp difficult mathematical concepts, as well as making them persistent in their efforts to learn. He receives great satisfaction in seeing students grow and reach their potential. Dr. Siemens has said that he cannot imagine not being a teacher.

To encourage learning, Dr. Siemens takes a unique approach to his subject by incorporating various mediums including visual cues, auditory cues, and student participation. Relationships with students are also important in the classroom as Dr. Siemens says, "If I have strong relationships with my students, they respond better to my attempts to help them learn."



Dr. Don Siemens

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