Course Requirements

For specific course requirements and detailed class descriptions, visit the current JBU Catalog.

Sample Four-Year Plans

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with major in Political Science (2013-15 catalog)  

Political Science 4 year plan

First Year Fall – Even
BBL  1013   Old Testament Survey
COR 1002   Gateway Seminar
KIN   11x1    Wellness Activity Course
EGL  1013    English I
HST  1013    Western Civilization I
         xxx3    Minor/Elective
Total Hours    15

First Year Spring – Odd
BBL 1023  New Testament Survey
BIO   xxx3  Life Science Elective
EGL  1023*  English II
HST  1023   Western Civilization II
         xxx3   Minor/Elective
Total Hours    15

Second Year Fall – Odd
POL   2213    Comparative Politics (FO)
POL   2473    Methods of Pol Analysis (FO)
LS     xxx3    Language
         xxx3    Minor/Elective
         xxx3    Minor/Elective
Total Hours    15

Second Year Spring – Even
KIN 1002 Wellness or 1012 Lifetime Fitness
LS   xxx3 Language
POL 2013 American Government
        xxx3  Social Science Elective
        xxx3*  Math Elect. (check prereqs)
        xxx3   Minor/Elective
Total Hours    17

Third Year Fall – Even
POL   3133    Politics of Social Policy (FE)
POL   3213    Faith and Politics (FE)
POL   4243*  Constitutional Law (FE)
LS     xxx3   Language
         xxx3    Minor/Elective
Total Hours    15

Third Year Spring – Odd
BBL    3003  Evangelical Theology
POL    3423* Sel Topics (rotating) (SO)
POL    4313* Christianity & the Law (SO)
LS      xxx3  Language
           xxx3  Minor/Elective
Total Hours    15

Fourth Year Fall – Odd
BBL  4002   Christian Life
POL  3003   Political Philosophy
POL  3353*  International Relations (FO)
        xxx3   Phys Sci Elect. (check prereqs)
        xxx3   Minor/Elective 
        xxx3   Minor/Elective
Total Hours     17

Fourth Year Spring – Even
POL  3143*   American Presidency (SE)
EGL  4003*   Masterpieces of Literature
POL   4613*  Seminar in U S Politics (SE)
          xxx3   Art Elective
          xxx3   Minor/Elective
Total Hours    15

Total Hours for Four Years: 124

† This plan is only one possible arrangement of courses that includes all the requirements for the Political Science major.  Please see your adviser for discuss other possibilities.  A variation on this plan is required for students starting in odd years due to alternate year courses.

* Course has prerequisites.  All Political Science course prerequisites are accounted for in this plan.  Please check the catalog for prerequisites for electives.

For those courses not offered every semester, the semester of offering is indicated after the course name.  F = fall.  S = spring.  FE = fall of even years.  FO = fall of odd years.  SE = spring of even years.  SO = spring of odd years.