Cool Facts

KLRC 90.9 is ranked one of the top radio stations in NW Arkansas. JBU students can work for the station in positions such as production assistant and announcer.

  • KLRC-FM Morning Show host Mark Michaels brings his professional experience to students through its radio courses every semester. Mark was previously the Program Director for KGBI in Omaha, Neb.


Communication department instructor Darren Gould has produced more than 800 videos and television programs over the course of his professional media career. His work has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, ABC's Good Morning America and cable networks such as CNN and The History Channel.


Associate Professor of Communication Kara Gould's work has been published in The Southern Communication Journal, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, and The Journal of Media Education. She has worked in media in Chicago and Salt Lake City. She has been competitively selected for academic and industry seminars at Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, Disney Studios, ABC-TV and the International Radio and Television Society in New York City.


Students have the opportunity to intern with HCJB Global and Trans World Radio missions Edith Dotson and Erin Kingabroad. Over the past three years, JBU students have interned with HCJB in Quito, Ecuador and Leeds, United Kingdom, and with Trans World Radio in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Two students, Gerardo Marroquin '13 and Marcel Guadron '13, founded their own online Spanish-speaking radio station, ElectroBeat Radio, as a result of a programming class project. They have listeners in more than 17 countries! Check it out:


JBU Radio/TV/Web students:

  • Produce live video coverage of the men's and women's home basketball games with Golden Eagle Productions
  • Are student announcers at all JBU basketball games and travel to away games for audio coverage.
  • Can get involved right from the start as a freshman
  • Have their own radio shows on in various roles such as announcer or production assistant
  • Produce material for EagleBreak, JBU's student-produced news program.
  • Hold paid positions as audio and/or visual technicians for University theater productions, chapel and special events.