The sports medicine major at John Brown University teaches students to evaluate and treat athletics-related injuries.

JBU's sports medicine majors often move on to graduate school, or directly into the work place. Careers such as physical therapy, athletic training, personal training and fitness training are prime examples of how graduates have used their sports medicine degree.

Sports medicine majors have access to excellent faculty and superb facilities. Students interact with professors from multiple curriculum areas, including business, science, kinesiology, mathSports Medicine and psychology. Each student will complete an internship with a JBU varsity sports team and in fitness centers that prepare them for a career in many areas of physical wellness.

The Walton Lifetime Health Complex is home to many facilities that are available to sports medicine majors including the athletic training room, wellness lab, weight rooms and the cardiovascular room. Students will also be trained on specialized equipment including cryotherapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, ultrasound, electric stimulation and fitness-testing equipment.

Creating a Christ-centered education — and later a career — that emphasizes physical wellness while also understanding the psychology behind becoming a well person is the ultimate goal for the Sports Medicine department. As one professor is known for saying, "the students in this department are taught that they don't 'just treat injuries, [they] treat people.' "

"I personally chose this major/career path because we are constantly put in a position to serve others," said student Taylor Wood. "Through our service, we get to see the incredible results of true healing and redemption as patients recover."